Hungry Shark Heroes MOD APK + OBB v3.4 (Damage/God Mode)

Hungry Shark Heroes – What is the most frightening thing when you go to the sea? According to scientific research, there are more dangerous things than sharks that threaten people. But for many people, this giant animal is the most frightening thing. At present, the trend of game production of many design teams is to exploit the fear of humans. In essence, it indirectly fulfills the dream of conquering fear. People are afraid of what the game is doing in that topic as much as love.

New adventures

The Hungry Shark series is one of Ubisoft’s successful products. In the previous sections, the developer focused on immersive play as you would play a shark on his feeding journey. Many functions have been fully exploited. New maps and even VR Hungry Shark. So, Ubisoft is determined to refresh its brand by launching Hungry Shark Heroes. It has a whole new way of playing, with tactical play combined with role-playing. Everything set in the ocean will bring a unique feel to the player.

PvP with friends or millions of other players around the world

Like previous games, players will only control a shark in their own survival battle. Hungry Shark Heroes will take you to an ecosystem in which the shark owns. The player will play an executive, building up his own shark kingdom. You can create a dream reef. This is where you build an ideal world where you will breed unique baby sharks and feed them. Besides, your coral reefs also exist in many other shark populations. So make it into a place worth fighting for this fierce friend.

More than 120 shark species

The game offers up to 120 shark species for you to collect. They all have their own capabilities with innovative fighting methods designed by the creative team and local authorities to excite players. Swell Shark, Longnose Sawshark, Megalodon, … They are introduced to the game with accurate imaging and the ability to attack ideas from themselves in real life. Matches are based on turn-based combat mechanics. Full 3D graphics combined with multi-dimensional angles will allow you to participate in exciting games. In a match, there are usually three sharks in a team. Consider carefully their ability to combine maximum damage in a game.

Bring your shark army to fight around the world. The design team has taken up to 15 areas from the Mayan Monument to the Ice Cave to the Atlantean Temple. Players will enjoy the wonders of the world under the sea. So the battles are exciting and worth a lot to learn.


1. One Hit Kill
2. God Mode
3. No ADS

Hungry Shark Heroes MOD APK + OBB v3.4 (Damage/God Mode)

SIZE : 400MB

GURGE : Adventure, Simulation

– 3.1

– 3.4 – Original

– 3.4 – Original

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