Hopeless Land – Fight for Survival APK + OBB v1.0 (MOD, Aimbot/Headshot)

Hopeless Land – Fight for Survival (MOD, Aimbot/Headshot) provides a helicopter for you to move. When falling from the plane, you face 120 enemies.

There are a lot of survival games on the market today, some of the most popular games that many have experienced such as PUBG: Army Assault, Fortnite Battle Royale, Rules of Survival. However, these games are often not so much different because they are remakes of the original PUBG on the PC. If you do not know which game to play, we will refer you to the Hopeless Land game. Just after the release of the week, the game has reached 50000 downloads and thousands of people online at once. So, what game is this special?

It is said that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is still the most famous shooter game in the world when its level of diffusion at times also surpasses the giants in the esports as DOTA 2 or Legend of the Legendary,…Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when a series of “similar” PUBG racing appeared on both PC and mobile in recent times and received very positive results. Following the success, the publisher of the “HERO Game” from China released Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival last week. This is also a 3D mobile game of survival type identical to PUBG. Although a game from China, the producer Hopeless Land has added in this game a lot of different language packs. This is a special feature because there will be no language barrier. People from all over the world can download and experience this game

Is not gameplay new?

Participating in Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival, players will be dropped from the plane. After landing on the ground, you will face 120 opponents in a large island. First, do not care about anyone, find yourself the weapons, equipment needed to be able to survive on this harsh island. Usually, guns, ammunition, grenades … and other equipment are in the house. Look for empty homes; no one ever came to get in and pick up the needed items. However, be careful around because enemies can appear anytime.

Once you have the necessary equipment, move to the safe area. Then you can go “hunting” if you want. Note that the safety area is constantly shrinking, so pay attention to the minimap and move to a safe place quickly. Finally, if you become the only survivor of the 120, you will be the winner.

What is the difference?

The gameplay of Hopeless Land is no different from previous games. So what’s the difference? The highlight is the ability to drive helicopters and of course, you can fight right on that helicopter, hovering in the sky and looking for the “prey” at the bottom. You will not need motorcycles or slow cars. Because in this game, the helicopter is the most popular vehicle. However, it is not always the best option. If there’s a gunman blasting your plane, you can die right away.

Features and graphics

Like PUBG Mobile, this game also has 3 main modes for players to choose from

  • Solo – Join the battle alone and fight with 120 other players
  • Duo – Invite friends to play with, up to 4 people a team
  • Squad – For a team of 3-4 players together

Despite being the most recent launch yet, Hopeless Land did not face any difficulty. The game quickly became a hit on the Google Play app marketplace and especially in some Asian countries. The graphics of the game are pretty good. Although not equipped with high-quality graphics like the products of Nexon but do not worry “Hopeless Land” will not let you down.

Download & enjoy

With many attractive features, support for a lot of different languages, Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival APK will be the perfect choice for those who love the survival genre. This is where you train your acumen to become the last survivor.

MOD Info?

  •  Aimbot Headshot
  • No Spread/Fly
  • AntiBan


  • Download APK and OBB (OBB unzip to Android/obb patch).
  • Use Gameguardian to open the game, then run the Lua Script file (Extract files Hopeless Land HACK)
  • Note: Cheating in the game may result in the account being banned


Hopeless Land – Fight for Survival APK + OBB v1.0 (MOD, Aimbot/Headshot)

SIZE : 334MB

GURGE : Action, Strategy



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