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Homeless Demon King v3.35 MOD APK (God Mode/Dumb Enemy) Download

In the game Homeless Demon King, players will experience a fascinating but unlucky character’s role: a king who has lost his position. So, you and your protagonist will overcome many enemies in the game to regain his throne. But, at the same time, the game revolves around the player’s idle gaming experience, and they will not need too much skill to play this game. So indeed, this is a game that will be suitable for many people.

Homeless Demon King v3.35 MOD APK (God Mode/Dumb Enemy) Download Homeless Demon King v3.35 MOD APK (God Mode/Dumb Enemy) Download


The world in Homeless Demon King revolves around a character of the same name with a situation completely different from your imagination. The Demon King is one of those powerful entities for many people, but it’s the opposite in this title. Specifically, you will play this character but was defeated by humans and lost his castle. So he began reclaiming his palace after the difficulties he faced when he lost his throne.

The environment design in the game is aimed at simplicity where players can experience an exciting game without spending too much effort on the controls. You will observe your character in a 2D environment and see your characters’ moves and attacks. At the same time, they will go from floor to floor and find a way to defeat the enemies at each level. The gameplay of this game is entirely accessible to many people.

You will see characters with different roles inside this game and with our protagonist Demon King explore the castle. Each field in the game is completely simply designed, and over time, it also slightly changes certain elements. In addition, there will be many different enemies that you can find inside this game, and each of them has strange and funny shapes.


With that said, Homeless Demon King’s gameplay focuses on player idleness and should be accessible to anyone. Specifically, you will go with the Demon King and the first support character, Mushroom, to go to many castle floors and face many different enemies. The combat system in this game is operated automatically, and you do not need to have too much impact on the character. Your only job is to use your skills properly.

Homeless Demon King v3.35 MOD APK (God Mode/Dumb Enemy) Download Homeless Demon King v3.35 MOD APK (God Mode/Dumb Enemy) Download

The game gives you some essential elements that you will need to pay attention to. The first factor is the character’s HP recovery. Specifically, if the character suddenly loses some health, it will automatically be restored without using Mushroom’s healing skill after a few seconds. This process takes place relatively slowly, so you should not be too dependent on this factor. At the same time, if you want to continue participating in the battle and want to heal faster, use the support character’s skills.

In the game’s battle interface, you will see many circles, and each process corresponds to a skill and character’s presence. Their order is similar to the actual battle order. Specifically, at the start of the game, the first position on the right will be the Demon King and then the Mushroom. The main character’s skill involves launching a stronger than the standard attack on the enemy, and for the support character, it’s a skill that instantly heals.


Homeless Demon King increases the difficulty levels for players as they go through different levels in the game. Although they may encounter some enemies they have defeated before, players will also see a change in HP, and they should also be careful about the danger it can bring. So, during the game, you will receive a certain amount of resources, and each type has a specific use that you will need to use.

The first and most crucial resource is coins. It is usually dropped from enemies you have defeated. At the same time, you will use them to upgrade the character’s strength in criteria such as attack power, HP, or to add strength to your skills. Therefore, you will need to prioritize their use in the early game to optimize the use of coins. Another factor that you will need to take care of is the character’s Evolve ability.

The amount that you need to spend to first Evolve is 4000 coins and requires a certain number of Soul Stones to perform. So, over time, you can still accumulate enough resources if you use the right amount of coins you receive. At the same time, the enemy also drops another resource, and it looks like a demon statue. It has the function to help you summon more characters to join the battle, upgrade their abilities or buy powerful equipment for the Demon King.


During playing Homeless Demon King, players will undoubtedly encounter some quests that appear unexpectedly at any point in time. In other words, you will be able to choose whether to implement them or not. Performing these tasks gives you a sure reward to increase your coins. You can wait for your character to do the job idle and ensure the character’s progress in the game.


  • God Mode

Homeless Demon King v3.35 MOD APK (God Mode/Dumb Enemy) Download

SIZE : 38M

GURGE : Role Playing

– 3.35 – MOD

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