Hitmasters v1.15.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download for Android

Have you ever wanted to be a professional spy with your puzzle and sniper talent? Coming to the game Hitmastersyou will be doing those things.

Like other game suites, what players need right now is the capacity of the machine. Nothing much, just enough space for 50M of the game is able to own an attractive game right away. A series of challenges are waiting for you in this game. First, to become a professional gunman you need to create yourself a complete character. Next, you will be instructed by the system of how to play the game through simple screens. Once familiar with the gameplay in the game, just press start and fight.

Defeat the enemy with one blow

The level in the game will have no limits, it is important that your intelligence in this game is limited or not. Although it is known as a simple beat game set, it also requires players to have attractive strategies. The strategy here is to use your cold head to shoot accurate centimetres to the enemy. The more accurate the shot, the faster the bonus points the player will accumulate. The more you unlock, the more levels players will face challenges in the game. If not overcome that game screen players will have to stop there until they pass it. If you feel you can not overcome, the tips in the game will guide you through this game. Use them wisely.


  • The game is set up a lot of different game characters with separate combat skills, completing target missions or using gold coins that can unlock them. Rotating between new characters in the game will help players not get bored while experiencing this game.
  • The game is always updated to new levels so rest assured that experience. Just afraid you can not afford to overcome.
  • In addition to the above features, the ranking feature is also built-in this game. Players will have to be very careful in the game challenge if they want to have a good position in the leader board.

Try to make informed decisions if you do not want to fail in this fascinating game. Hitmasters will always give you the opportunity to modify if you want to download it.


Hitmasters v1.15.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download for Android

SIZE : 52M

GURGE : Arcade

– 1.15.3 – MOD

– 1.15.2 – MOD

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