Hidden Through Time v1.0.25 APK (Paid) Download for Android

Hide-n-seek puzzle games often have much exciting content to entertain and help players improve their concentration. Nowadays’s the market has countless games with many different concepts, and the experience they bring is completely different for players to explore. Hidden Through Time is a potential option for players to discover and enjoy all of its content. Moreover, the game will continuously update more new levels to search for countless objects in different eras.

Hidden Through Time v1.0.25 APK (Paid) Download for Android


Hidden Through Time uses a hide-n-seek concept to entertain players and help them improve their focus on finding a multitude of different objects. The great thing about the gameplay is the special theme and various seasons or times for players to enjoy. The player’s task is simple, relying on cryptic hints to find the required items. Most of the items will be well hidden or obvious, but based on hints, players can find everything easily with simple concentration. The game will even introduce a difficulty adjustment function, which increases item spawn density and more random things to make gameplay more vivid.

Hidden Through Time v1.0.25 APK (Paid) Download for Android


The game realizes that the hide-n-seek mechanism will not give players special benefits or entertaining experiences. Therefore, it will introduce many different game modes but remains the traditional elements of finding items. Depending on the game modes, the player will have to find many different items and even interact with the environment to move objects around. In the future, the game will update more new modes but will replace the current modes with expanding player exploration with hide-n-seek elements. Of course, players will always get many rewards when continuously completing special challenges, thereby unlocking more exclusive new things.


Compared to other games of the same genre, Hidden Through Time has many things for players to immerse in its gameplay. The most impressive thing is the perfect visual quality of the game, built with a special style to create a unique highlight for the entire game. Besides, the game will introduce many different eras, and depending on the ages, the visual will change significantly, making the visual experience of the player more vibrant. If players love the game’s impressive backgrounds, it will have a function that allows them to save them as images, an unexpected but wholesome feature. All themes and visuals of the game are perfectly polished, creating visual satisfaction and at the same time helping players relax when looking for items.

Hidden Through Time v1.0.25 APK (Paid) Download for Android


For those with a passion for the hide-n-seek puzzle genre, a lot of challenges are what they need most. Fortunately, the game will continuously expand the challenges for players to explore while making the player’s choice richer as the challenges are divided into many themes and eras. Moreover, it will continuously update more new challenges for players to enjoy, and it will even introduce loads of new objects for them to find a hard one. If players love any era or theme, the game will have a versatile sorting tool, helping users prioritize the content they enjoy.


What’s great about the challenges in Hidden Through Time is their scale and normal size of objects. Therefore, players will be given full control flexibility to help them move around, zoom, and directly interact with objects to unlock hidden mechanisms. Depending on the difficulty of each challenge, their scale is different, and even players have to use any special tools to find everything in the shortest possible time easily.

Hidden Through Time v1.0.25 APK (Paid) Download for Android


Hidden Through Time is a game for players to relax and a strong community to show their creativity in designing challenges. Everyone participating in this game has the opportunity to submit the most impressive challenges they can come up with. The level design system is special and rich, it’s built-in, and players can use all the available options. The impressive thing is that all the content is divided into many different folders, making it easy for users to select and customize them within the level. Thus, designing levels for yourself or the community is a positive thing, and people have access to custom levels from around the world.

Hidden Through Time has entertaining and engaging gameplay that uses many different concepts and eras to build content and more for players to train their observation or having fun. So if you are always looking for a relaxing game to enjoy anytime, anywhere, this game will be a suitable choice for every purpose.


Hidden Through Time v1.0.25 APK (Paid) Download for Android

SIZE : 105M

GURGE : Casual

– 1.0.25 – MOD

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