Heroes of the Dark

The most excellent strategy game of all time – Heroes of the Dark – is where you can experience the dark mysteries of the Victorian Era. Not stopping there, this tactical RPG game combines strategy and many top action elements. What will players receive in this game? How will they encounter and deal with challenges? Let’s wait and see. In the game, you and your teammates will explore a dark, grim world; behind it are terrible secrets no one can know.

Heroes of the Dark


Experience the best fighting game, where you will witness the destruction of the Earth due to the heavy destruction of the dark forces. In Heroes of the Dark, players will find ways to ally with different armies; in particular, we humans will become allies of werewolves, vampires… That’s not all; it seems human. We’ll never be with other species, but it’s entirely possible here. There are too many characters to watch out for. They can be your allies, heroes but can also be villains…

Heroes of the Dark

We have the same goal, the armies that appear in this game with a mission sublime – restore the world with a new order. Because now, the dark forces have ravaged the world with magic – great power and never seemed to appear on this Earth. To act together, all armies ally themselves, unite, and fight together. Given the perfect strategy, the great combination will clarify your mission in that war.

Heroes of the Dark


Form the strongest army with various genres, including werewolves, vampires, and humans with special powers. Offer many incentives to be able to recruit many excellent warriors, use their minds and develop them to the best. Each warrior in each species has its own strengths and stories. In Heroes of the Dark, you need to work with your alliance, expand your power and empire. Find ways to recruit powerups, items (crystals), maps, and most importantly, the heart of the empire – the final key.

Heroes of the Dark


Players need to pay attention. Each warrior in each species will have its own purpose when joining your army. Choosing good warriors and prioritizing each person, whether vampire or werewolf, they all want to seek their own interests. Werewolves and humans both want to find kings to rule and control their kingdoms on their behalf. In Heroes of the Dark, players will discover each outfit for their warrior.

To be ready to join the war, players need to focus on each match’s perfect strengths and strategies. The prerequisite will determine victory or defeat in each match – the power of the warriors in your army. Not only that, players must train their equipment, create a series of high-quality weapons and be ready to fight at any time. Most importantly, your strength is indispensable; upgrade your stats to the highest, lead the best army.

Heroes of the Dark


Whether you can win favorably and crush the intentions of the dark forces or not depends on your will. Do your best – rise from the ashes and have your own empire. Try to protect your achievements, your kingdom, and your people in Heroes of the Dark. In addition, when participating in this game, players will be able to choose allies and protect each other from enemy power.


Heroes of the Dark

SIZE : 96M

GURGE : Strategy

– 1.1.2 – Original

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