Heroes Arena (Map Hack) v2.2.47 APK download for Android

Referring to the MOBA game, Arena of Valor and Vainglory 5V5 are two veteran names on the mobile. After a long time since launch, these games have not shown signs of cooling. Therefore, the game is considered to be born a lot, though only junior, but has a large number of players, typically Heroes Arena. This is a 3D MOBA game developed on the mobile platform, with the same gameplay as LOL. Find out more about this game!

Never pay to win, it’s all about Play to Win!

In each match of the game, two teams will play together in a predefined map. Each team will have 5 heroes and is controlled by the players. The task of the player is to control his hero to protect the team’s head while destroying the enemy’s pillars. With over 20 different types of characters, the player can choose the hero he likes. Each hero possesses unique and unique skills.

The control system is also very simple. The game will provide you with a navigation joystick and a skills table located on the left side of the screen. The joystick will help you move the character by touching them, and towards the direction, you want to move. The skill table, which will help you perform attacks on the enemy. Manoeuvring and combining these function keys will give you more engaging gameplay. However, in order to win the game, teamwork is important. Although you may be a good player, do not know how to work with your teammates, your team will not be able to win. Take the right tactics and coordinate with each other to launch the beautiful combat phase defeats opponents. In addition to 5vs5 mode, you can also select 3vs3 or 1vs1 mode.


With 3D graphics, Heroes Arena gives players the ultimate experience. The generals in this game are very well designed, as there is no overlap with any game. Larger characters, the game’s interface is more prominent with eye-catching tones, with a high realism that players can feel each step and every attack of the character. However, this game has only 1 map to fight, because of this limitation that the interface of the map is carefully scrutinised, and players can find the game faster. Just click “find room”, less than the 30s can find a playroom like. This is also a highlight of this game!


If you are a fan of MOBA tactics, Heroes Arena MOD is a great choice. The game is designed to be lightweight and avoid situations like jerky, lag, so the fear of the player is smashed. Take part in the game and participate in battles to improve your rank. It’s never been easier to tell us what you can do!


1. MOD Menu
2. Map Hack
 // See Enemies on the MiniMap

Note: Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps.

Modded by TheArmKing

Heroes Arena (Map Hack) v2.2.47 APK download for Android

SIZE : 95M


– 2.2.47 – Original

– 2.2.47 – MOD

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