HERETIC GODS MOD APK v1.11.11 (Money/Unlocked VIP) Download

If you are a fan of games ARPG for smartphones, I think you should not miss Heretic Gods.


The plot content of “Heretic Gods” still retains many classic elements with the character of an ARPG game. The developer of this game will bring you to a dark world, full of scary monsters and dungeons that have yet to be discovered. Not only that, the context and architecture in this game are inspired by Viking Myths, so you will clearly feel about many unique elements while playing this game.

Your task is only one, but it will certainly not be easy to accomplish, you will have to enter the depths of a cursed abbey to banish the heretial gods. Before you can proceed to this mission, the game will force you to overcome all the different challenges at each level in dungeons. Not only fighting monsters, many other enemies in dungeons also want to attack you, so you will have to make sure your character is strong enough to survive. Although you only need to control a single character, to overcome the more difficult challenges, you must master the ways of fighting as well as using skills. In order to make the gameplay of this game more prominent, its developer has designed a strategic system and character upgrades. This means you’ll need to pay attention to a lot of the objective and subjective factors that affect the character. The first factor you need to consider is HP, Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, and Defense. All of these factors directly affect your ability to fight, so you should try to make these stats as high and balanced as possible. In addition, there are many other indicators that directly contribute to the quality of the game, such as Damage / sec, Attacks / sec, Attack Rating, Critical Chance, Stun Chance, KNOCKBACK Chance, SPLINTER Chance, FIRE Damage, POISON Damage and ICE Damage.

All of these factors are further divided into two categories: Melee and Ranged, you will find this index is very effective when you attack monsters. Weapons and equipment are also things that greatly affect your strength because they also have their own stats. Like most games of the same genre, you can also upgrade equipment, and their power indicators will also add to your total power. In addition, in the process of killing the translator, you will also receive certain experience points, and it will help you to upgrade your skills. In general, these factors will increase your challenge, but I am sure it will make you feel excited about the truth that it brings.


-With “Heretic Gods”, I am sure that you will have to spend quite a long time to be able to complete the main task given by the game. The main reason I assert that is because this game has a lot of dungeons and levels that you need to overcome.

-Besides, you can build character strength in many different ways, because this game gives you more than 48 skills to explore. And by the way, the time you spend to play this game will be extremely worth it.

-In addition, this game also has some other special features such as 3 invent for you to choose, infinite random generated magic items, and hundreds of unique items and set items that you can explore.

In my opinion, “Heretic Gods” is a game worth downloading. And if you are interested, download it to your phone right now to experience it.


– VIP bought
– Selling 25.000 gold items

HERETIC GODS MOD APK v1.11.11 (Money/Unlocked VIP) Download

SIZE : 65M


– 1.11.11 – MOD

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