Hell’s Cooking v1.121 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Are you a person who loves cooking and likes to show off your cooking skills with delicious and attractive dishes, but do not have the opportunity to show it? Don’t worry because now Hell’s Cooking will help you make that happen easily. What’s more wonderful than when you will be transformed into a chef in a luxury restaurant. Your mission is to prepare dishes or drinks to serve loads of fun frenzy visitors from the street every day. In addition, in the process of playing this game, you should try to bring high quality of service to the beloved guests of the restaurant. Because you will receive a lot of money and can therefore upgrade the cooking utensils with higher quality. What are you waiting for without quickly experiencing this interesting job yet!

Hell's Cooking v1.121 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Hell’s Cooking is an exciting game revolving around the story of restaurant management and cooking, promises to bring you moments of fun and relaxation. Here, with the aim of making customers come eagerly and leave with satisfaction, you will be in charge of cooking unique and delicious dishes from fresh and clean ingredients. Your mission is to attract customers and satisfy them with delicious and delicious food. Thanks to that, you can easily develop and expand your small restaurant to become a worldwide famous restaurant chain.


Creating dishes for customers is the first thing that definitely has to be done when playing a cooking game like Hell’s Cooking. You will touch the ingredients and move them to the cooking position like the pan, oven, … and perform the next operations as instructed to complete the dish. Then press and hold and move the food to the location where the customer is ordering. In the first stages, you will easily get used to and master serving each customer. But once the number of visitors to the restaurant increases dramatically, forcing your productivity to increase to serve so many people at once. Therefore, practice regularly to make your operation more agile because no one wants their customers to be angry, right?

Hell's Cooking v1.121 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


A series of hungry guests with different tastes are waiting for you. Let’s hurry to the kitchen and prepare delicious dishes to fill everyone’s stomach. There’s a wide variety of grinders, coffee makers, and all sorts of kitchen accessories to cook your best. Not only that, but they’re also are more than 15 different and varied ingredients for you to prepare. Besides, you can also discover unique cuisine with dishes from familiar to new ones that you have never heard of. This is also an opportunity for you to learn more experience to prepare such dishes yourself. You can also travel to other places and cook your own famous local dishes.


You must try to complete each day to get more bonuses, increase experience points, increase stars, level up, and unlock many new materials and equipment. And win achievements by completing multiple combos, cooking perfect dishes, and getting great tips. Use the money you earn to upgrade and equip your kitchen with more professional ingredients and cooking utensils. This will help you increase cooking performance and get a lot of profits quickly. Getting great reviews from customers will help you become a chef. Use your management skills to build a desirable restaurant empire!

Hell's Cooking v1.121 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Hell’s Cooking has simple but very cute 2D graphics. The image of the beautiful burger in real life will make you fall. All the food ingredients look so realistic that you’ll feel like you’re cooking a real dish. In addition, the characters in the game are also designed with different expressive states, someone smiling, someone grimacing, and getting angry, … Throughout the cooking process, there is a happy background sound. You will hear the sound of sizzling when roasting, or the sound of adding wet soy sauce, or the tinkling sound of coins, … It all seems to create a bustling atmosphere like in one Real restaurant, giving players great entertainment moments. Are you ready to conquer the fastidious guests, bring your restaurant to the international level? Download now Hell’s Cooking – crazy chef burger, kitchen fever, and let’s cook and decorate your dream restaurant together!


  • Coins and diamonds increase when used!

Hell’s Cooking v1.121 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

SIZE : 89M

GURGE : Casual

– 1.5.6 – MOD

– 1.121 – Original

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