Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek APK free download for Android

Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek – Neighbors From Hell is one of the most legendary games of the neighborhood when you were a kid. If you mention that you will immediately remember a nasty old man and a mischievous boy trying to sabotage his boring life. A few years ago, a horror game called Hello Neighbor launched the game and made the community a nostalgic phenomenon. But after a while of playing, he began to realize that his story contained so much mystery and deeper than the older one. Producers immediately thought of releasing a prequel to explain everything.

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek tells the story of a mysterious neighbor’s past with his daughter. Surrounding the atmosphere around the game is the death of his beloved wife. It makes the game darker color than the story later. This time you are no longer the role of curious neighbor but will play his daughter. She will have to find every hidden mystery around the house through stuffed animals.

The story

really is that at the beginning of the game all the things you see are not exactly correct, but there are always pieces to solve. The first look we can see Mr. Peterson’s wife died. But the producer did not tell us why she died. Aaron, one of his children, was particularly affected by his mother’s death. Apparently, Peterson was equally distressed by the death of his wife. It is for this reason that he “kidnapped” his children. And a more terrible event is Aaron holding a gun and pointed at his sister. The screen turns off but everything breaks down to signal a truth that is not clear at all.

Run away from the neighbor

We can completely understand this is a true horror game when all the events are hidden and the player must undergo the strange challenges to find out. After the death of his mother, Aaron continues to play the old games with his sister but this time became much more vicious and horror.

The protagonist is also quite simple when you will be provided with a stylized controller. It is no longer simply a circle with a joystick in the middle that becomes a distorted polygon, creating a sense of psychological terror for the player. On the right, there are four main actions that you can take during the game. Dance can be done anytime, anywhere. Manipulation touches any object, manipulates objects and throws objects, they are disabled when there are no targets to execute. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a few boxes to hold the items you picked up on the way. The scene of the game covers a red bloody, slow-moving scene with equal sound, causing the air to become horror many times.


Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek APK free download for Android


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