Hell Driver v1.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Skill Points)

Ghost Rider is a character of the antiheroes genre and receives a lot of attention from the reader community. There have been many films adapted from this character and it has become equally famous compared to other films. Along with that, the game is also indispensable, so today I will introduce to the player a game inspired by Ghost Rider. That game is Hell Driver, this game is a perfect combination of two things, it is Ghost Rider and “GTA” for players to enjoy. Thanks to that, the game has attracted a lot of players to the game to experience the greatness that the game brings.

Freedom to explore the city

Like many games inspired by “GTA”, this game will also bring players to an open world for players to enjoy the game. The map of the game is also very large with many different locations for players to explore. Players can steal any vehicle and use it as a means of transportation. In the process of exploring your city, players are free to do everything they like, such as theft, murder and many other things. This will make the game violent but this seems to have become the essence of the series so it is not too strange. But players also need to consider before playing the game to ensure that the game is suitable for themselves.

Be careful with the cops

Although the player can do all the illegal things, they still need to be careful with the police if you do not want to be killed. The player will see in the upper right corner of the screen there are stars and the number of stars represents the wanted level of the player. If a player steals a car or a bank, there are only one to two stars but if you kill someone, the number of stars will increase very fast. When the player reaches the highest level, the police will mobilize all that they have such as helicopters, tanks to destroy the player. Each time, the player can only hide until the number of stars starts to decrease only.

Perform the assigned task

In the game, what the player needs is money, it gives players a lot of different benefits. Players will need money to be able to buy costumes to decorate their characters. This will make his character more interesting and give players new experiences. So players will need to earn a lot of money by performing the tasks assigned. There are many tasks for players to do and most of them are related to a topic, which is to do illegal things. When players complete the task, they will receive money to do a lot of other things.

Diverse weapons

A Ghost Rider does not need weapons to be able to attack enemies, everything that he touches is the weapon. But this game is not like that, players can use a lot of weapons to attack the enemy. Things like flamethrowers, guns, knives, and many other things will all be provided by the game for players to use. But to get them, players need to spend some money to buy.


1. Unlimited Skill Points
2. No Ads

Hell Driver v1.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Skill Points)

SIZE : 90M

GURGE : Action

– 1.5 – MOD

– 1.3 – MOD

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