Head Soccer v6.13.1 MOD APK (Money/Postumes/Players)

Head Soccer (MOD, Unlimited Money/Unlocked) allows you to win championships with shooting phases such as shooting dragons, ice, guns … along with many game modes, a unique collection of avatars.

Are you an avid football fan and want to experience moments of mind-numbing entertainment with a game of the football genre? Head to Head Soccer now – this is one of the most exceptional football games available today. The unique thing here is that you do not have to use your feet to kick the ball as usual, but the game will give you an exciting experience with kicking the ball with your head. At first, you may be a bit surprised, but this game is worth your time to test.

Head Soccer v6.13.1 MOD APK (Money/Postumes/Players)


Head Soccer is a sports simulation game developed with casual and charming gameplay. This application will make players revisit old memories with Tsubasa. The game is one of the most popular football games today and is not far behind titles like Dream League Soccer, FIFA 16 Ultimate, or New Star Soccer. Above all, this is a rather particular football game compared to other titles. Rarely do football games use the head to play, so this is its most characteristic feature.


In Head Soccer, players can thoroughly choose their favorite teams. Play as your famous sock puppet and score lots of goals. In fact, this game is entirely different from the popular legendary football games today. The player’s task is to discover all the player’s possibilities to bring the ball to the goal most accurately. It looks like a simple game, but it’s more complicated than you imagine and very difficult to conquer. However, you still have teammates to accompany you to overcome.

Head Soccer v6.13.1 MOD APK (Money/Postumes/Players)


Each match in Head Soccer will take place in a different space, and each game form is the other. In general, players are played as an internal match without an audience and sometimes between a crowd of actors with fans swarming around the football field combined with many banners from sponsors. In fact, the game allows you to explore the abilities to hit, punching and kicking speed on the field to bring the ball to the opponent’s goal. Because they have to compete with opponents, players can beat their opponents with deadly shots such as roaring, ice, and light shooting to win the match between the two teams.


If you are bored with playing the game repeatedly with the random mode of the game, there is a feature that allows you to link to social networking sites to compete with more people. You can play with your friends to compete and compete with each other. However, it is also a good opportunity for you to gain more experience in matches and have a higher chance of winning.

Head Soccer v6.13.1 MOD APK (Money/Postumes/Players)


Besides the above factors, the game provides players with all seven extremely diverse gameplay modes for you to experience. Here you are not only playing football but also combining Arcade, Tournament, Survival, League, or Death Mode shooting gameplay. Almost every game mode is integrated with this game. Overall, the game is based on the Box2d physics gameplay that gives players the best experience.

Besides, the player will control the character through the arrows in the bottom corner of the screen to Kick and Jump. However, it sounds easy but quite tricky for you, and if you try the first level, it is enough to see how difficult it is. In general, the ball is always moving quite quickly on the football field, and of course, the player will have to work hard to keep up with it. If you were slow, you could have failed very quickly.

Head Soccer v6.13.1 MOD APK (Money/Postumes/Players)


Besides the process of engrossed in racing with the balls, you also have the opportunity to receive precious gifts. The rewards mean a lot to you, it is used to increase the movement speed of the character and upgrade the appearance of the players. Moreover, it is also unlocked for new game modes.

The gifts are always provided to you if you complete all the tasks and become the winning player. You completely conquer this game without spending any money in the process of buying more items for the character. Each enemy bridge has six stats such as speed, lick, jump, and others. Your task is to learn the weaknesses and strengths of each enemy to upgrade vital stats for them.

Head Soccer v6.13.1 MOD APK (Money/Postumes/Players)


The element that makes Head Soccer so great cannot be ignored in these fantastic 3D graphics. Honestly, this is the most minimalist soccer game of all time. From every detail of character creation and colors, there are harmony and cuteness. Enjoy playing anytime, anywhere.


  • Unlock all modes
  • Unlimited gold coins

Head Soccer v6.13.1 MOD APK (Money/Postumes/Players)

SIZE : 142M

GURGE : Sports

– 6.13.1 – MOD

– 6.13 – MOD

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