Hay Day Pop v4.28.116 APK + MOD (Full) Download for Android

Hay Day is one of the most popular game products since its launch. Even though it has been a long time, it still keeps its hot level. Although many publishers also launched their own brands with Hayday imitations, they again could not escape the shadow of it. Recently, Supercell has launched an extremely new game, continuing the famous brand all over the world. Hay Day Pop certainly will not disappoint people thanks to the new gameplay puzzle while retaining the characteristics of a farm game. Relaxation is always its top priority.

Hay Day Pop v4.28.116 APK + MOD (Full) Download for Android

Still, the familiar features that make up the brand

First, when you hear the name Hayday, the gameplay of a farm game always interests you. For example, if you play the original version, you will be allowed to plant and raise animals. The missions in the game will help you in the right direction. There will be a gradual development in the gameplay and the growth of the farm over time. “Hay Day Pop,” too, has a lot of productive plant varieties that can bring huge money for you. Currently, players have other ways to grow trees and help them grow, unlike before. However, either way, they all bring a stable source of money for you to make your business bigger. Moreover, the animals in this version are also excellently completed with lovely expressions and friendliness. Do you still remember the white chicken with bewildered eyes or the pink pig always makes loud noises? They all participate in the gameplay in a completely different way, no longer as pets as before.

Hay Day Pop v4.28.116 APK + MOD (Full) Download for Android

Combining well with puzzle elements, a typical game development method

With a game that values ​​relaxation like Hayday, Supercell is not afraid to combine it with puzzle elements. We have witnessed the success of Candy Saga, “Hay Day Pop,” following the same path. All of Hayday’s familiar features, now a requirement for accomplishment, is that they have to go through match-3 mini-games. Combos and explosive boosters will be added in different, extremely creative ways to show the differences for games of the same genre. The infinite creativity of the publisher also lies in their rapid addition of challenges with the theme of the farm as the foundation. Events have also been added to increase the in-game development process.

Hay Day Pop v4.28.116 APK + MOD (Full) Download for Android

Thousands of ways to get great rewards

In addition to puzzles, players can also enjoy thousands of different ways to get rich quickly. The seeds that you win from minigames are brought to grow in the gardens. They need to be watered by you to solve the challenges that come from the system. When you provide enough nutrients and conditions, it will give rewards. So do the cattle and poultry, just provide them with food and care, the chickens will produce eggs, cows produce milk, sheep produce feathers, … Besides, you can also create making an attractive, self-sufficient chain thanks to the factories purchased in the store.

Hay Day Pop v4.28.116 APK + MOD (Full) Download for Android

Finally, if the game is too boring, you can invite more friends to play with. Thanks to the match-3 mechanics competitions, you have a chance to show off your competitors to the game.


Hay Day Pop v4.28.116 APK + MOD (Full) Download for Android

SIZE : 130M

GURGE : Puzzle

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