Harvest Moon: Mad Dash v1.0.1 MOD APK + OBB (Full) Download

When players are so bored with familiar role-playing action games, why not come up with something simpler? Farming games are what players are looking for, if so, then head to the famous farm game Harvest Moon: Mad Dash. This game has been released on PS4 and has received high praise from the community of players, so the game will bring a great experience. Players will explore the exciting life of a farmer but go poorly with many other puzzle elements in the game.

The player will become a person living on an island; everything is going on peacefully until one day, the trees suddenly stop growing too fast. The fact that the trees were growing so fast led to the island being now forest and full of danger. While confused as to what to do to overcome this situation, The Harvest Goddess appeared to support the player. The player will have to cultivate crops and bring them to the lighthouse so that they can be repaired. Once the light of the lighthouse is restored, everything will return to normal and peaceful life will take place.

Planting crops

The player’s task will be to plant crops so they can grow and bring to the lighthouse. It sounds straightforward, but because the game has been combined with the puzzle element, everything will be a lot more interesting. In this game, the player is not a person who owns an entire farm to be able to cultivate like other games that players will play in each stage. The gameplay is similar to that of the puzzle where players need to line up the plants in a row before they can develop. Initially, they will lie in a mess on the ground, and the player needs to move them close together for them to grow. Once all the arrangements have been completed, the player only needs to harvest them to put them in the warehouse.

Pay attention to the time

Players only have one minute to be able to complete the way their work; there are many different waves in the same stage for players to work. So players need to keep working, the more points they gain, the easier it is for them to win. Victory in the game is also divided into three different categories to be able to challenge players, including one, two, and three stars. At the end of a minute, the number of points the player gains will be converted into stars; at different stages, the number of points required for each star will also be different.

Many different stages for players to experience

The game has many stages, with each stage will be a different puzzle for players to experience. In the early stages, the player is only challenged by simple puzzles, and the later it gets harder. Players will face a lot more complex jigsaws and will also need to think more to give an accurate answer. So when coming to the game, players will experience a lot of exciting things, each stage will be a different experience.


Harvest Moon: Mad Dash v1.0.1 MOD APK + OBB (Full) Download

SIZE : 160M

GURGE : Simulation


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