Hacker.exe – Mobile Hacking Simulator APK v1.5.5 free download for Android

Hacker.exe – Mobile Hacking Simulator: Speaking of the hacker, you will probably think of dangerous criminals always trying to destroy and steal people’s information. I also recognize that many hackers have been destroying a nation’s economy, infiltrating the military system and even causing unwanted wars. However, it is only a tiny part of the hacker community, there are people who just want to understand how computers work, and that helps them build software and systems. Computer help in our lives. Do you want to become a hacker? Hacker.exe – Mobile Hacking Simulator will help you do this without the in-depth knowledge. Will you become a bad or good hacker?


In this game, you are portrayed as a skilled hacker, working in an environment with viruses and network attacks. In the past, a World Wide Wipe Out event has destroyed almost all of the information on the internet. There is a group of network security people who have set up the NCD with a vow to protect everyone from viruses and unauthorized intrusions. But you discover that the NCD has partnered with an underground organization that has criminals to help black sales sites ban. Apart from being a hacker working for your customers, you need to discover the mystery that NCD is hiding.

Point and click adventure

Hacker.exe – Mobile Hacking Simulator is a tactical game, quite similar to the tower defense game. Your main task in this game is to infiltrate the information systems from the NCD with other underground organizations to steal the information and understand the illegal things they are doing. The main interface of the game consists of an internet connection that leads to the CPU hiding the info. Your task is to drop the virus that you nurtured into that transmission line to penetrate the CPU.

But on the way, security chips appear, blocking the attack of the virus. If your virus is not strong enough cannot be overcome. The system provides you with functions to collect and upgrade the virus. From the amount of money you earn from successful hacking or the completion of software projects that customers give you, you will receive a bonus along with exp to level. Please use that money to upgrade your computer system and virus offline.


Hacker.exe – Mobile Hacking Simulator is a strategy game, owns playing style quite new. Maybe when you start the game experience, you will feel quite strange, but after a while playing, along with the text guide of the system, you will easily grasp the features of this game. Do you like to work in a professional space like hackers? Want to be a good person, do useful things and destroy the dark plans of cybercriminals? Hacker.exe – Mobile Hacking Simulator is a great opportunity for you.


Hacker.exe – Mobile Hacking Simulator APK v1.5.5 free download for Android

SIZE : 62M

GURGE : Simulation

– 1.5.5 – Original

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