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Guru Maps Pro v4.9.1 (Full Paid)

Guru Maps Pro is a map application for people who travel frequently, and it will have a lot more great features than other map applications on Google Play. If you are looking for a map application that can support you anytime, anywhere without the Internet, this application is the best friend for you. Not only will it work offline, but it will also help users get to their destination quickly or grasping their surroundings.



The application has a user interface designed very eye-catching, easy to use, and has function buttons that are neatly designed but detailed. It will also come with a manual that will give you the best user experience when you first use it. Also, the application will have intelligent notifications for users to track the situation of their trips in different locations. The user interface of this application also has many other special and attractive features for users to explore. And it will also regularly update new features and interface settings for users.


The map in this application is divided into different types of images, each of which allows users to capture a specific area with a top-down view. Each viewing angle has a distinct feature, and it can remove the architecture and display only the necessary path, or help users to see the local location in high definition. With a map that can cover the entire world, users can find the places they need or use it to locate the exact direction. This feature will also have some other functions for users to use and have the best experience in navigation.

Offline mode

It is the most outstanding feature of this application; it allows users to use the map anytime, anywhere, without requiring the internet to operate. However, users must pre-download a map of a specific location to be able to use it. This feature is very suitable for those who frequently travel in many places. Just download in advance a specific area like Rome, England, France, etc., and you can use it on the go. But based on the place the user is in, the file size of each country will change. The larger the user’s travel location, the bigger the download capacity, so users still need to consider before downloading.

In offline mode, users can still use navigation features without the need for the Internet. It is only after the user has downloaded the map before losing the connection. The smart search or navigation device can still be used comfortably, just enter the necessary location, and the app will lead you there. The application will also record your trip to history to capture places you’ve been. Features like GPS, Navigation, or Point of Interested can all be used freely while in offline mode.


The application will also synchronize user data with other devices with one account. Users can use this application on many different devices. Moreover, it also allows users to connect with smartwatches, and users will quickly move in unfamiliar lands. Synchronization will also help users easily track the activities of other family members and capture their specific locations.

If you are looking for a map application with smart and superior features, then this application will be a perfect choice. More. It will also be handy when you are traveling and do not have an Internet connection.


Guru Maps Pro v4.9.1 (Full Paid)

SIZE : 95M

GURGE : Maps & Navigation

– 4.9.1 – MOD

– 4.9.0 – MOD

– 4.8.5 – MOD

– 4.8.4 – MOD

– 4.9.1 – Original

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