Girl Group Inc: Love Idol MOD APK v1.2.75 (Starcoins/Money)

Girl Group Inc: Love Idol is strongly invested in graphic quality and extremely high tactical gameplay.

The game is always something to satisfy your desire as well as to help players entertain or kill time. In the game market, there are many types of games that players can choose depending on their needs. Some titles are highly rated on app stores such as Candy Crush, PUBG, … But it is necessary to be a game with high graphics to succeed. If you are a fan of strategy games, you can try Girl Group Inc: Love Idol game.

If you look at the name of the game, you can probably understand what part of this game requires. The game is set in a brewing company that is not a business company but an entertainment company. You will be the director of that company, and you have the responsibility to take the company out of trouble. The first thing you have to do is to choose people who are qualified to be an idol. Some of the necessary qualities include singing, dancing, acting, sound pressure, etc.

An idol label company

All heroes need these things to be able to survive in the competitive entertainment world of this game. If they don’t want to be lost. And after you train your Idol carefully, you should start producing albums to sell. You need to choose your time wisely to avoid capital losses and lose your current idols. Also, you can attract more fans by holding concerts, and a part of ticket sales will help you somewhat. The critical thing to note here is that the game is quite true to the fact that every idol has a unique desire. You should pay attention to what a god wants to be able to meet and create a stronger bond between the company and Idol. When you have a good amount of money, change your professional coach so that your idol grows more and for reasons to attract more icons.

Train your idol in a variety of skills

Since this is a strategy game that requires a full observation of the company, the game follows a 3rd perspective. The game is set in an office where employees and interns will be here. There will be buttons with different functions, so you can choose jobs for your idol. Besides, the game does not require too high configuration so anyone can experience this game. With cute graphics, you will surely be sympathetic to the idols at first sight. Surely it will help you entertain and kill time very well anywhere and any time you want.

Girl Group Inc: Love Idol will definitely be a game that makes you feel interesting from simple gameplay to mental manipulation and judgment. With eye-catching cute graphics, it is certain that you are attracted to the game. Please install and have for your company the talented and beautiful idols.

MOD Info

  • Infinite money.
  • Infinite starcoins


Girl Group Inc: Love Idol MOD APK v1.2.75 (Starcoins/Money)

SIZE : 94M

GURGE : Simulation

– 1.2.75 – MOD

– 1.2.72 – MOD

– 1.2.71 – MOD

– 1.2.75 – Original

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