GFX Tool Pro v3.8 APK (Paid)

GFX Tool Pro adjusts the graphic settings of your smartphone while you’re gaming to ensure you have the best experience while having fun with your friends.

GFX Tool Pro s the best GFX tool. This is a tool to connect Vega technology to your devices. This is the most comprehensive Gfx tool application that can change graphics settings. This is an application that is listed in the tool category. Up to now, the application has achieved more than 10 thousand downloads, and the rating of this application is quite high.


For anyone who uses an electronic device and wants to play a lot of good games, GFX Tool Pro is probably an indispensable application. This app has HD 1080 resolution; it can change the resolution of the game ideally. For anyone who regularly plays games, this is an excellent application; it can turn a game that is in low resolution to a high level in a short time. The app also features HDR game graphics. In this section, you can unlock HDR graphics on even low-end devices.

GFX Tool Pro v3.8 APK (Paid) GFX Tool Pro v3.8 APK (Paid)


When playing games on your phone, the thing that annoys you is probably the slow, laggy device. However, this depends on the condition of your device. But now, there is GFX Tool Pro to take care of. When you own this application, any activity you do on the device runs quickly and without worrying about lag. In addition, this application also helps unlock extremely high FPS levels. Not only that, you can change the types of graphics settings. This will make your device work faster and without any hitches.


GFX Tool Pro will give users many benefits and make your device work easier. This app has a Shadow section, and it will help turn shadows on and off. In addition, it also has 4xMSAA: Turn Anti Aliasing on and off. Users can choose their own MSAA levels, making them easy to choose and use. For lighting effects, turn off this feature to use the software in a better way. Regarding the GPU optimization feature, it is quite crucial because it will help you reduce useless effects.

GFX Tool Pro v3.8 APK (Paid) GFX Tool Pro v3.8 APK (Paid) GFX Tool Pro v3.8 APK (Paid)


Don’t worry about the properties or usage of this software. This is simply an application to help prevent lag when operating other applications on the device. It has a fairly easy usage that anyone can use. You just need to download this application, open the GFX tool. Choose the right game version for your device. Then select Options based on phone RAM and Graphics support. And finally, click apply Settings and then Run game. It’s simple, right!


Any application needs regular additions and upgrades. Thanks to that, it helps to work better and not be outdated in this era. Now it has the addition of CROSSHAIR – a small and lightweight service that adds crosshair pointers across all applications, including your favorite FPS Battleground games, similar to other crosshair tools in PC. It helps you improved visibility in the battlefield or any FPS game with customizable colors, sizes, opacity, and styles.


This is a special application developed only for a specific game. And any activity is copyrighted. This application is always of special interest to users, and it is rated as a gfx tool until now. It is well-reviewed in all respects.


GFX Tool Pro v3.8 APK (Paid)

SIZE : 3.6M

GURGE : Tools

– 3.8 – Paid

– 3.7 – Paid

– 3.6 – Paid

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