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Gemstone Legends v0.39.408 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit)

Gemstone Legends (MOD, God Mode/One Hit) – Worlds collide, dark magical forces lose control, rise strongly, the light of truth is starting to have the phenomenon of rifting, only the darkness of lies is the immediate context.

The game is one of the unique things that fully shows the dark world; the game’s story is beautiful, making many people curious and want to explore immediately. The game belongs to a unique role-playing puzzle genre; let’s explore this interestingness to see what the highlights are inside.


In the game Gemstone Legends, you will have to gather selected heroes and start an epic adventure in the magical world. Each hero will choose us, be it whether we choose according to our passion or maybe it is to fight to serve the fight well. You will have to be skillful in the game’s battles when assembling match-3 style gems to gather three stones of the same color or more than four stones to create a reward. In addition, rocks eat all the same row members to let the character use potent attacks.

Gemstone Legends v0.39.408 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit) Gemstone Legends v0.39.408 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit)

In puzzle battles, use attacks that combine your epic gameplay and tactical feel, solve three-match puzzles and defeat powerful monsters to build your empire friend. Use the game’s separate attacks to eliminate monsters as quickly as possible. That is very attractive and makes the player feel excited.


Players in the game Gemstone Legends will have many adventures, and battle tactics ahead with exciting and charming fighting styles will be a charm. Lead your legendary heroes & warriors to explore all the secret paths on your battle to achieve ultimate victory. Tame a giant and helpful dragon because it will fight with you against your enemies. Match your strategy for every action and complete top missions throughout the game.

After the intense battles, you will gradually upgrade your character to become more potent like other role-playing games. The equipment in the game is very diverse, plentiful up to more than 2 million different combinations. From there, you will prepare for battles with giant bosses that are much more difficult. Please take advantage of the battle stance to turn into a battle position that benefits us, collecting necessary items to supplement the battle.

Gemstone Legends v0.39.408 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit) Gemstone Legends v0.39.408 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit)


Gemstone Legends game suits your sense of strategy to your game style; this is what game programmers want to aim for the game. Using power-up magic combos to fight with enormous enchantment power makes monsters not die from combat but die by enchantment. Upgrade your hero to fight well. Build a one-player RPG campaign with challenging missions ahead.

Let’s explore the novelty and attraction in this Gemstone Legends game. It is a successful game because of its engaging storyline, attractive gameplay, and leaving players with so many good feelings. This exciting thing should introduce to your friends to experience this greatness everyone.


  • High Damage
  • God Mode

Modded by DESLOKAT

Gemstone Legends v0.39.408 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit)

SIZE : 118M

GURGE : Role Playing

– 0.39.408 – MOD

– 0.38.405 – MOD

– 0.38.404 – MOD

– 0.39.408 – Original

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