Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad v81.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad is a shoot-em-up game where players will defeat the enemies that appear before their eyes and go through many different levels. Each level has its challenges, and you can face the boss. At the same time, over time, you also get new planes with impressive features and can confront many other players. It is a game that any player will enjoy.

Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad v81.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems)


If you are a fan of a genre similar to Chicken Invader, then Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad is an exciting choice for you. Players will participate in exciting levels against enemies that will appear one after another. Surely the gameplay will be straightforward and attractive that any player wants to immerse themselves in. At the same time, enemies will appear in waves that the players will need to take down carefully and without being attacked.

Each level is divided into several waves, and you will receive items and a certain amount of money. When it comes to the shoot-em-up genre, it is indeed impossible to ignore the power-up features for each type of spaceship. Specifically, these items will drop with money, and you need to pick them up, then you will know what you get. Sometimes the power will change will also see the ray that the plane shoots changes that anyone will easily see.

Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad v81.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems)


You will go through many levels in Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad, and of course, they will have an increasing challenge. The enemy’s strength will increase, and of course, the boss concept will also appear in this game. So over time, you will need to improve your strength and the quality of the aircraft to overcome the challenges that this game brings. At the same time, this game gives players many different modes for players to experience.

Players will participate in two main modes that are PVE and PVP. For PVE, you will join in many levels in the campaign that has been prepared in advance. At the same time, every time you complete these levels, you will receive a certain amount of rewards such as money to use or pieces of planes to serve for upgrades. Besides the above mode, you also challenge yourself in matches with other players.

Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad v81.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

PVP mode offers similar experiences to PVE but will be a little different. Specifically, you will still attack the enemies that appear to you equal to other campaign levels. But the point is that you will need to destroy as many as possible to defeat other players. There will be a bar corresponding to the number of points you get at the top of the screen, and it is divided into two colors. You will try to make your score and your color stand out from the rest of the players.


Once you’ve experienced Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad, you’ll spend some time unlocking the primary and secondary planes. The auxiliary aircraft is understood as the aircraft flying the same primary type and supporting the enemy’s attack. At the same time, you will find many principal planes with high qualities and spend time collecting their pieces. In addition, each plane has a skill for the player to use, can be upgraded with money, and used pieces to increase levels in the game.


Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad v81.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

SIZE : 90M

GURGE : Arcade

– 80.3 – MOD

– 80.1 – MOD

– 81.7 – Original

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