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Funimate Video Editor v11.19 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

Funimate Video Editor (MOD, PRO Unlocked) brings awe-inspiring features to help you create fun-filled videos and make them more colorful.

The upcoming video editing application that will bring you many exciting editing functions that you cannot ignore is Funimate Video Editor. With these functions, you will take the time to get used to them, giving you an enjoyable experience. In addition, new functions are added to the application, such as adjusting the operation of Motion Blur so that users can conveniently use the process.

Funimate Video Editor v11.19 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Funimate Video Editor v11.19 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)


Creating an impressive video on the phone is not difficult for users when they use Funimate Video Editor. You can add any element you like to the app to do your editing. At the same time, it brings a particular convenience when you can choose from different videos or photos because your smartphone is always where you store the things you like. The selection is completely easy for the user.

The application’s editing interface is straightforward when the functions are entirely arranged in different tabs for users to learn. At the same time, during use, you will edit each of the various elements that you add, such as adding effects or adjusting its appearance time. So you can arrange the elements that you feel are necessary for the content of the video depending on your needs to go to the next steps.

The app’s content editing functions are precisely the same as other video editing apps, as you’ll be able to edit, crop, or stitch elements together to form a sequence of images or videos. So you’ll be looking at these products repeatedly so you can adjust them before moving on to the next steps. The replay is done much to make sure the effects you add fit perfectly and form an impressive product.

Funimate Video Editor v11.19 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Funimate Video Editor v11.19 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)


Once you have prepared the content in appearance, players will add unique colors to their products. Players will spend time choosing different filters, and each element brings an amazing experience to the player. At the same time, it can be recognized that any stage in video editing consumes a certain amount of time for users. They will need to choose whether to choose effects for video content or not.

A video is primarily made up of many other ingredients, and you’ll need to select and test the necessary elements to add effects and enhance the product’s impact. There will be many filters that you can choose from. Also, if you don’t like filters, you can use impressive AI effects to embellish a single element of the image like a human. You can also add layers to your pictures.


Coming to Funimate Video Editor, users will certainly not be able to ignore the impressive transition effects for your products. You will continue to choose appropriate transitions for your product by selecting each element in the video. So it is similar to your selection of effects and filters to bring exciting and unique things to the video. In addition, it is always a time-consuming factor for the user as you will select the elements in the dialog of each transition.

Funimate Video Editor v11.19 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Funimate Video Editor v11.19 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

Each transition will have different characteristics, and they all have small dialog boxes for you to choose elements like Direction, Shape, or other elements. It can be said that the application offers you many exciting aspects, and it is difficult to explore them all in one go. So the experience that you gain in the process of using will be achieved when you use the application and find specific instructions to follow. Once you get the hang of the app’s functions, you’ll love it.


When it comes to videos, you certainly can’t ignore the writing and sounds that you can add to express your personality in the products you create. The text that you add always has its characteristics of typeface, size, and color that you can choose. So, the words will help you convey a certain meaning and help you decorate the photo to hide some unnecessary elements.

In addition, what increases the impression of the player that we will not forget are the songs that match the video added. It will make viewers unable to take their eyes off because of the exciting sound and the effects that appear before their eyes. At the same time, anyone will take the time to choose the right song for their video. So, it can be said that the application will ultimately help you realize your imagination and ideas into reality.


  • Pro Unlocked (Turn off the Internet if app request update)
  • Watermarks Completely Removed

Funimate Video Editor v11.19 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

SIZE : 190M

GURGE : Video Players & Editors

– 11.19 – Pro

– 11.18 b739 – Pro

– 11.17 b737 – Pro

– 11.17 – Pro

– 11.16 – Pro

– 11.15 – Pro

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