Forward Assault v1.2022 MOD APK + OBB (Mega Mod)

Usually, current shooters pay attention to the combat and entry aspects — more shoulders than tactics. Certainly, when you want to win an enemy, you still have to set up battle plans, but most still use personal skills to decide the outcome of the battle. Forward Assault is one of the few phone games that incorporates the best tactical element I know. Basically, even if you have incredibly high skills, you must balance your team to control them. Because when you enter this game, you will act as a leader of a swat team and fight. Your teammates are the most critical factors to win; your teammates will die; you alone can’t handle everything.

Online eSports Tactical FPS

Blayze Games, LLC has achieved two extremely great successes in this category. With the success of Bullet Force, 10 million downloads for this game were an excellent signal. “Forward Assault” is no less than 5 million downloads. With the popularity of both shooting games, the publisher has a firm foothold in the market.

You can quickly see that it is the best online and multiplayer shooter tactics in the FPS genre. This is understandable as you have to play the role of a talented leader and take your soldiers into a battle to confront the most dangerous killers, terrorist and international criminals the world has ever known. The pace in the game is also enhanced so that players will have to pay attention to many factors to preserve the life of the hostage and complete the mission.

Awesome Player and Weapon skins

Like many other shooter products “Forward Assault” allows players to unlock a variety of guns, shotguns, snipers, rifles, assault rifles and more powerful weapons. Diverse arsenal is one of the biggest motivations for players to learn about the game and create new tactics. The special thing in this game is that you can play any character you want. Sometimes you want to change sides and become the cruelest people in the world. Once you’ve chosen to serve evil, you must become the best evil person to make the world burn. How to choose is up to you But make sure that players will always become leaders. How to control the counterterrorist SAWT CT team or the terrorist mafia groups will show your talent.

The maps are also a prerequisite for you to create different tactics to suit the terrain and conditions. And can also tell to fight in the map in RANK mode. This is one of the most terrible and fierce objects because your opponent must be the installed AI available in the system and have easy-to-guess tactics. In these battles, you must face other talented leaders from all over the world. Modern Survival War is also a place for players to challenge their qualifications. Run, hide, distract, aim, shoot, and kill are all skills that you must master to survive in this world. Offensive, defensive or counterattack must switch flexibly with each other at different intervals.


  • Enemies on mini map

Forward Assault v1.2022 MOD APK + OBB (Mega Mod)

SIZE : 335M

GURGE : Action

apk installer
– 1.2022 – MOD V1

apk installer
– 1.2021 – MOD V2

– 1.2022 – Original

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