Football Manager 2020 Mobile (FM 2020) APK + OBB v11.3.0

Football Manager 2020 Mobile APK will be the ideal place to help you become a real manager for your prestigious football team.

Are you a fan of soccer? Do you want to experience the emotional levels of the top games? But instead of passionately controlling your players on the field, you want to become a top football manager? Want to train superstars like Ronaldo, Messi or Hazard? Want to discover young talent from around the world or simply want to know how Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti or Pep Guardiola have become the most revered managers in the world of that king in sports?

A product to welcome the new era

To meet your needs, SEGA and Sports Interactive for nearly two decades have released a game that has become a model and a standard in football management. Of course in this article we will give you the most objective experience and assessment with the game “FOOTBALL MANAGER” – and of course the version that we will mention Today is the latest version: Football Manager 2020 Mobile to see if there is any difference between it and the previous versions or not? Let’s see if this pet with modern design is really a super product in the football management genre or not! As well as to see that this game itself is more outstanding than its predecessors and has left a distinctive mark for the player or not? The game will be released on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms, so it can be asserted that the game will be taken care of to the smallest details in the game.

The images are designed impressively

In terms of graphics, Football Manager 2020 Mobile has its own realistic and vivid 3D graphics, even though the movements are a bit rigid but look at a way overall you can still conclude that SEGA and Sports Interactive have done a lot of visual work. We can see the cheering fans going wild for their favorite team, the players sitting on the bench anxiously waiting to be launched on the pitch to express themselves until the image of the coaches are trying to direct the students to follow arranged tactics. This proves that SEGA and Sports Interactive have been trying to focus on the player’s experience as a whole, not just images or player movements.

That is a good step to avoid being compared with the games released by other big families like PES of Konami or FIFA of EA Sports. Besides, you will also be playing the role of a real manager when you have to grasp the situation in the dressing room, the situation of transfer or injury situation of the players and then find a way to introduce tactics. suitable for matches against different opponents – this is a long-distance race, not just one or two matches. Another advantage of Football Manager 2020 Mobile is that you will decide the team from tactics, playing style or buying and selling players – which makes you the most powerful person in the team, not any star names in the squad. All will have to obey you and you absolutely cannot have any power in the dressing room that can overthrow you.

Inherent weaknesses need to be upgraded

Although there are many advantages, the game still has some shortcomings – and the most sensitive issue is definitely nothing but image copyright. Because it is difficult for SEGA and Sports Interactives can pay all copyright fees to all teams, which means that some of your favorite teams will have to use a different name, a logo and other uniforms (as is the case. of FIFA 20 with Juventus when EA Sports lost the copyright to Konami, and had to use a different name to replace it as Piedmonte Calcio) – which can make loyal fans a bit uncomfortable. Besides, the publisher’s intention not to bring this game to other devices l6ike the Xbox may cause coughing the fans a little more disappointed.

The way things work on the basis of a football game

But in return, the game is very hard in updating the transfer situation as well as the performance of real-life players. And you – as a football manager – will have to find a way to build your team from a midsize club to a new power on the world football map. How to make your team a big force! You will have to decide for yourself – The saying “The greater the power, the higher the responsibility” is indeed true for the players of Football Manager 2020 Mobile when you will have to carefully consider each path. Take steps, consider who your team has, the stats and performance, who is the star of the team to be able to build a suitable strategy to maximize the strength of the team. Building a tactic requires you to be flexible because of course, you cannot use a squad or a diagram throughout the season. Moreover, not all players can maintain their style due to injuries or physical fitness.

Besides, you need to build a depth squad by buying players when the transfer season comes, hunting for young talents as well as building training sessions to train the skills of the players. Especially in situations where the ball is dead, such as a penalty, free kick or corner kick. Because of that, it is likely to be the answer to a deadlocked match. Who knows if a free kick will bring victory to your team? Also challenge yourself by playing beautifully and honestly by limiting, or preferably, not using the relevant support software that can help you in the game and help your victories. more glorious, as well as when you win with your own strength will make you become more confident in yourself. Then when your team wins trophies after a season, you will realize that the results you made are so sweet when you have played seriously in dozens of matches.


The game will be released for Android with a capacity of 2GB so surely the game will possess a huge amount of information, and with the update of the player’s stats and performance regularly will give you a most honest experience. The game has two game modes: Including 1 player – ie you will play against players controlled by AI or against other players around the globe. And with the views just made, it is no exaggeration to say that Football Manager 2020 Mobile is the most worthwhile football game in particular and the best game on every device in general. So you definitely cannot miss it, especially for those who are passionate fans of the king of sports

MOD Info?

  • License check removed;
  • All paid content is unlocked.

All players will have random names!

Installation Instructions

  • Download files ‘real names of the teams
  • Unzip it, containing the group name files of the form ‘fm_save1.dat
  • Move it to the folder ‘DocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2020 Mobilenormalgames

Note: Copy the files of the group if you do not want it to disappear.


  • License check removed;
  • All paid content is unlocked.

All players will have random names!

Football Manager 2020 Mobile (FM 2020) APK + OBB v11.3.0

SIZE : 882M

GURGE : Simulation


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