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Folder Player Pro v4.15 APK (Full Paid)

For music enthusiasts, having a playlist that suits your interests can be a wonderful thing. Folder Player Pro will be a reliable choice for those who are using the android platform with diverse customization and extremely rich source applications. With Folder Player Pro, it is not just an audio storage application, but it also gives you a much more interesting and new experience than normal music player applications. FPP is really great with lots of functions to give users the best possible feeling.

Folder Player Pro v4.15 APK (Full Paid)

What does FPP stand out from other similar applications? When using the Pro version for this application, users can experience many priorities and more convenient functions, such as prioritizing continuous updates to complete the user experience, allowing users to create random playlists, no limit to the number of playlists as long as you like, no limit to the number of playlists transfers, as well as automatically deleting the song you don’t like while you’re still playing the music, optionally stopping when the power goes down or to continue playback for the next folder when the currently playing folder ends. By the way, it also supports M3U. In particular, there are many choices of tracks for backing tracks when switching playlists (crossfading) so as not to lose the listeners’ musical mood.

Folder Player Pro v4.15 APK (Full Paid) Folder Player Pro v4.15 APK (Full Paid)

Moreover, not only when you use the higher-end Pro version, but the regular version also supports a lot of cool features for users such as

Users can play music in a folder tree or individual folders within folders, built-in so that users can connect and use Bluetooth headsets and when playing in your car. In addition, the application integrates with last.FM via scrubber supports pausing music when you have a call, plays music randomly or in the order of the playlist (optionally), and installs or customizes the configuration according to user preferences.

Folder Pro Player will not let you down by the extremely unique and diverse features, in order to improve the user experience to the highest level. Enjoying music with your own playlist as well as being able to customize music to your liking is really great, right? Try experiencing a world of music created by yourself.-


Folder Player Pro v4.15 APK (Full Paid)


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– 4.15 build 256 – Paid

– 4.15 build 255 – Paid

– 4.14 build 253 – Paid

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