Fishing Clash v1.0.165 MOD APK (Easy Combo)

Fishing Clash perfectly depicts the actions and emotions that the pleasure of fishing will bring to the angler.

The beautiful fishing environment in the game Fishing Clash can give players an awe-inspiring and attractive experience. They will immerse themselves in different locations and challenge themselves to achieve bigger goals. At the same time, you’ll spend time experiencing what’s going on and going with other players to unforgettable events. So this is this game that perfectly suits your entertainment needs.

Fishing Clash v1.0.165 MOD APK (Easy Combo)


Players can be directed to fishing levels in different locations in the game Fishing Clash. Each environment has its characteristics and beauty that contribute to the authenticity of the game. Specifically, you can see the effects of the sea with environmental elements, all done with great care. So, besides fishing, experiencing new environments is also an imposing factor that brings comfort to players.

One of the features that you will love about this game is that you will not be fishing in a single environment but will travel to different environments around the world. It can be seen as an opportunity for players to explore the environment in some areas inspired by real locations outside. So it makes for a fun travel experience, and you’ll spend your time being able to get to other environments as they require you a certain level to unlock.

Fishing Clash v1.0.165 MOD APK (Easy Combo)

You will control the character in this game from a first-person perspective; the control mechanism is entirely accessible to many people as it does not have any complications in the way of control. You only use a single button to drop and fish and function buttons for you to review some information about the rod or the environment you are in. So, if you have mastered the mechanics of this game, you will definitely spend a lot of time fishing.


The main gameplay of this game revolves around fishing, where you will be able to fish different types of fish depending on the characteristics of the environment. In other words, if you are at a low level, then you can catch some common and rare fish. So, if you want to reach higher environments, you will need to collect various types to get the corresponding experience points. At the same time, the resource that you need to focus on is the amount of money you receive.

Fishing Clash v1.0.165 MOD APK (Easy Combo)

The fishing experience also gives you exciting challenges that you will need to overcome, and one of them is the mechanics to catch a fish. First, you will need to swing your fishing line over the water, and no one can tell what kind of fish will appear. At the same time, when the fish is hooked, you can see the amount of HP it possesses. Your next job is to try to pull the fishing line to deduct all its HP, and eventually, you will catch it and get the reward.

This process also requires a certain amount of skill as there will be many factors that you will need to pay attention to. Players will see a slider representing the fishing rod, and it will always run automatically. There will be a marked interval in the middle of it, which is the range that you should push the Strike button to reach but not cross or fall outside of that area. If you continuously tap the area, your combo score will increase continually, but it will be difficult for players in the early game.

Fishing Clash v1.0.165 MOD APK (Easy Combo)


As mentioned above, when you open up many new environments, you can access new fish species and have a specific value. You can find a collection of yours in the list of regions. At the same time, you can catch many types of fish of the same kind, and that is the material to increase the value of the fish you will catch later. It focuses mainly on giving the player experience value, which helps you gain experience quickly.

It can be said that none of the elements are free, and you will need to use your resources sensibly. You can see the stats that can be increased before upgrading and make a reasonable choice. For example, there will be a certain amount of fish in the fish cards that you need to make the next upgrade. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your fishing rod to make it easier to catch other types of fish with gradually unlocking characteristics.

Fishing Clash v1.0.165 MOD APK (Easy Combo)


In Fishing Clash, you can find different quiet environments to do your fishing. It brings excellent entertainment elements to many people, but besides that, many other gameplays attract players’ attention. Specifically, you can experience PVP mode and participate in matches with other players. In addition, tournaments and events open up so you can conquer and surpass others.


  • The fish does not come off the hook
  • You always get a combo (and get a bonus after being caught).

Fishing Clash v1.0.165 MOD APK (Easy Combo)

SIZE : 130M

GURGE : Simulation

– 1.0.165 – MOD V1

– 1.0.165 – MOD V2

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