First Fishing (MOD, Damage) v1.0.12 APK

First Fishing – Sports are a lot of people love because it helps people to exercise and reduce stress in a busy life with many works like this. The most popular subjects such as football, basketball, volleyball, have a lot of fans around the world. This is followed by a consequence of products related to these sports very much. Fishing is also popular and considered a sport, but it does not appear to be as popular as the rest of the products.

However, the fishing game was produced and released a lot on Google Play and received good feedback. For example, the famous Mobirix studio also owns more than 3 fishing games stored in its inventory. Fishing Hook (50 million downloads), Bass Tournament, Fishing Champion (more than a million downloads) and newly released last December First Fishing. Although it’s only a week, its success is worth mentioning.

Enjoy the fun fishing game

Although it was the youngest of these publishers’ famous products, it was not hated by players. In contrast, the new experience that the publisher deliberately put into this product makes many players feel more interesting. The first thing you can see is that it will be played in the first view. That will bring real and new experiences.

New control mechanism

How to control fishing rods to catch fish also has variations. First, this game will be played on the vertical screen rather than the usual fast screen. In front of the player is a hand holding the fishing rod, showing the first view. Indeed ahead is an open landscape of the sea, and below that is fish. Control style of this game is of course not like any other product ever released. The center of the screen will be an analog stick to the player can touch it and control the force. At the top will be a semicircle, like a speedometer in a motorcycle.

Try to make your partner happy

That will have perfect force level marking for a single pull. You have to touch the middle button of the screen and keep it until you reach the ideal level then release. You will have to go through so many turns to make the fish tired. After the fish is exhausted, it can be caught. On the right side of the screen, there will be a small button. Show special skills, click on it, and you can shoot the right gun and the fish and Kill it immediately. But this skill takes a long time to cool down; please use it at the right time on the screen will continuously show the distance between the target and the player.

Discover hundreds of different fish species

One of the most popular functions in this product is the Ultra-strong hand taste. This means that the game system will include the rhythmic tension control, which brings the sound and vibration of the phone. This makes the player’s feeling much more real. Besides, under the sea, there will be predators destroying your hunt such as sharks. At times when you are close to catching fish, it will silently steal your credit. But don’t be afraid because it can become that prey too, be smart to catch sharks. Besides, you also have a beautiful female aide, help when difficult.


1. Max damage
2. Always perfect

First Fishing (MOD, Damage) v1.0.12 APK

SIZE : 130MB

GURGE : Simulation

– 1.0.11 – MOD

– 1.0.12 – Original

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