Final Fantasy VI v2.1.7 APK + OBB (MOD, Unlimited Gil) Download

Final Fantasy is a viral game series in the era of the old console of the 90s century ago. The series has become one of Square Enix’s most successful series, with hundreds of millions of copies sold worldwide. This game has been extended to now and still receives a lot of interest from players around the globe. But one of the most highly-rated versions of the game is Final Fantasy VI – seen as creating a significant turning point for the RPG series. This game is ranked as the second-best RPG game of all time according to IGN’s 2017 rankings. And unfortunately, if you have not experienced this game, if not, then I will have good news for you. The game has been officially appeared on mobile platforms for players to experience. If you haven’t played it now is the best chance to do it.


In the Narshe Kingdom, Terra, a slave of the Empire, was given the task of capturing the body of a frozen Esper. But when she approached the Esper’s body, a reaction between her and the body, which caused the entire soldier to be killed and she to be unconscious. When wake-up, and knew that the Empire had controlled her, by something called a slave crown. Now that it had been removed, and longer be held, but she could not remember anything. The only thing she remembered was her name and discovered she was able to use rare magic power. She was introduced to the Returners, an organization founded against the Empire. She agreed to join this organization to help them in the revolution they were about to begin. The Returners learn that there is an army led by Kefka trying to retrieve the frozen Esper’s body. However, Terra succeeds in repelling the army, but she reacts to the corpse and is taken to another continent.

Move across multiple continents

Players coming to the game will have to go through many different locations in the game to be able to complete the game. Every place that players go to have to fight with many different monsters in the dungeon and many other places. The game will be divided into chapters, and each chapter has a different task system for the player to perform. Only when the player can complete the task of this chapter can they come to the next chapter of the game. The NPC will assign players a lot of missions in the game for you to perform. Besides the main storylines of the game, the player is also unlocked a lot of interesting side quests. These tasks, although not affecting the story of the game, give players a lot of valuable rewards.

Age fighting style

This game still has a fighting style similar to what the player has ever experienced before. It’s a familiar turn-based style like many other games that players have tried, so it doesn’t take long to get used to the game. The game screen will automatically switch to battle mode to start the battle whenever the player encounters monsters. At the beginning of the fight, both teams will take turns attacking one another to find the winner. It sounds straightforward, but it is not simple; players need to have a reasonable strategy to win. Players need to know when to use it and which skills suit that situation. When you attack an enemy or be attacked by an enemy, the player will accumulate MP, when the MP is full, the player can use the skill to attack the enemy. Also, when the player chooses and arranges the position of the characters is one of the significant factors that influence victory.

Diverse skills

The skill system of the game is very diverse, with a lot of different things for players to select. But they will often be divided into two main types of power, which are attack and recovery skills for you to use. Initially, only two out of fourteen people were able to use magic power, but the game allowed the player to teach others how to use that power through the Magicite feature. With this feature, all characters in the game can use the skills to attack enemies. Besides, many warriors have special skills to use. Locke, for example, possesses the ability to steal enemy power, Celes’ Runic can allow her to absorb most magic attacks.


Final Fantasy VI v2.1.7 APK + OBB (MOD, Unlimited Gil) Download

SIZE : 505M


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– 2.1.7 – Patcher

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– 2.1.6 – MOD

– 2.1.7 – MOD

– 2.1.7

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