Fantasy Island Sim v2.12.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency)

People often seek construction or management simulation games to find relaxation and entertainment in building their consciousness world. Many such games have appeared widely across the market, and from there, create a wide variety and richness, bringing a rich experience for players. One of them is Fantasy Island Sim, with its unique style, many attractive options, and in-depth gameplay for players to explore. Furthermore, the game will have a friend invite function, where players get their friends into the game and together enjoy the most prominent simulation game. Not only building the city, but players can exchange goods together, complete quests, and participate in many other exciting activities in gameplay.

Fantasy Island Sim v2.12.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency)


Fantasy Island Sim’s gameplay’s core allows players to build an island city out of their style and creativity. The game emphasizes freedom and exploration and goes hand in hand with a management mechanism where players can create the most prosperous islands with everything. Moreover, a complete management system will be applied flexibly to the city, giving players more options to manage the island and even build them into many different things. The game’s island-building content is expansive and can be endless, and is always updated with new content, giving players an engaging experience with the management and construction simulation genre.


The game will feature different tribes and building styles, and each option has its unique characteristics such as architecture, management style, and many other factors. That makes gameplay richer and more impressive, and players will have the opportunity to cultural exchange with friends through events. Furthermore, the tribal changes may affect the player’s management system, and the game will apply many new elements exclusively to each tribe. Likewise, each tribe has a different habitat, such as volcanic foothills, Arctica, plains, etc. The common feature is that they are all built on small or large islands, the right places to stimulate the player’s creativity in building a dream kingdom.

Fantasy Island Sim v2.12.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency)


Player cities will become more alive thanks to the functional buildings, and even they will automatically form a cycle and support each other to grow. The player’s task is to provide all the citizen’s conveniences, multiply food, resources, and more. Everything can be completed with the proper functional work that the city is made of. There, players will build an endless supply line and often drop by the city to collect revenue or expand the city’s area. The game will introduce more special structures, the function of buffing the entire island, and add many elements for players to develop the island stronger than ever.


Fantasy Island Sim’s gameplay will provide players with entertainment elements, such as island city management and other fields. Through completing daily challenges or missions, players will receive many attractive and generous rewards. The quest system can be seen as the main source of income for the player, as its rewards increase with the city’s level and level of development. Besides, players will have the opportunity to receive special constructions when completing challenges, thereby building a splendid city with their creativity. The mission system is built expansive and will always appear or create many new elements to entertain players while experiencing the game.

Fantasy Island Sim v2.12.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency)


If players get frustrated with going around their city, adventures to the outside world will enrich their experience. The expeditions allow players to expand their territory of activity and even establish trade lanes with other cities on the map. Besides, players will have the opportunity to discover many other treasures along the way, with many hidden rewards and trophies for players to unlock. However, exploring the outside world will consume energy points, and players can complete quests or wait for the energy to recharge.


Everyone’s creativity and city-building are different and magnificent. If players want to be creative or learn, the cities of friends or others will be the source of endless ideas. What’s fascinating is that those cities will have genuine interactions for players, like rewards for visiting automatically. Those rewards will vary based on the city’s level and degree of prosperity and give players a lot of warm welcomes every time they visit their friends’ cities.

Fantasy Island Sim v2.12.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency)

Fantasy Island Sim is an entertaining and relaxing game where players can build their dream city even offline. The game will also come with many mini-games and exciting activities, making the city bustle and giving players a great experience with the simulation genre. The diversity of everything in gameplay, such as tribe, architecture, and mission system, is the essence of the game and is also the best thing players can experience endlessly.


  • Unlimited Currency (use them even don’t have enough)

Fantasy Island Sim v2.12.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency)

SIZE : 95M

GURGE : Simulation

– 2.12.0 – MOD

– 2.11.3 – MOD

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