Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout v1.0.4 APK + MOD (Money)

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (MOD, Money) is a B.R. game but applies super-friendly factors and humorous eliminating rounds with over 100 players every session.

Currently, my market has a lot of extremely complex products. players need games that are truly entertaining. They need places where they themselves can play the game for several hours without feeling stressed. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a completely new game when a lot of people are interested in. Players come to it just to enjoy the unique atmosphere that the characters in the game bring. Fun jokes coupled with bright colors are also a factor that makes it suitable for many people.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout v1.0.4 APK + MOD (Money)

A fun graphic design reminiscent of a trending product

For the connoisseur of gaming be sure to immediately realize that, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has an identical design with “Human: Fall Flat”. If you realize this, it is not a mistake. Because these two games are the products of the same developer. Actually, in terms of gameplay, they are not the same at all, just the same in terms of graphics. So you can also test both games at the same time. They are really interesting products

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout v1.0.4 APK + MOD (Money)

In comparison, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has a huge upgrade in graphic design. First, the characters move more smoothly. Because this is a game that emphasizes mobility; so keeping the design as difficult as the predecessor will cause the player to have a bad experience. However, the characteristic appearance as well as the gait of these characters have not changed. Surely that has become the trademark of this developer. In the future, you will certainly receive products that continue to use this type of design. If you are a fan, please look forward to it.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout v1.0.4 APK + MOD (Money)

Lots of fun outfits for you to choose from

This is also a whole new improvement when players can choose from a lot of different outfits. Actually it is a way for this developer to do business and make a profit. Players will hoard a sufficient amount of currencies to unlock it in the store. Or if you have a lot of money, you can recharge the game and immediately own beautiful outfits. Players can transform into pink unicorns. Dinosaur costumes are also very popular with many people. In addition, unique outfit sets such as octopus, aliens, anime characters, sweets, … are all present in the game. These costumes will be constantly updated So you can rest assured that there is no way all cute things will be in this game.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout v1.0.4 APK + MOD (Money)

Unique but Simple

Rules The only rule of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is that you have to be the finisher. That means it’s not like a racing game where you have a track-ready and be the first to finish. This game requires you to be the one to finish and survive. As long as the two of them compete together, they will continue this race until one person is eliminated. True to the name of this game, the eliminated person will be pushed off the ring and fell into the abyss.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout v1.0.4 APK + MOD (Money)

There are many different types of challenges to put players in the trap. If you’ve seen the very popular “wipEout” series before, these guest words are the same. It finds ways to make you fall off the ring and lose. No matter how sudden and unfair it is, as long as you get knocked out of the ring. That’s why it also shapes the way the players play. No matter what type of strategy you use, just win.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout v1.0.4 APK + MOD (Money)

Many players participate in a race

When you enter the game, you will be taken to a really tough challenge where many people want to win. Players will have to be careful and think carefully before deciding to move forward. A paradox in this game is that if you delay, the odds of losing will be very high. But if you are too hasty and rushing forward, you will definitely encounter unexpected pitfalls set up by the game. Therefore, you will have to keep your position within the allowed range. This means that you must not fall behind too much, but also not move forward too quickly. In the moments where you seize your chance to be the first to finish, bet yourself on the prediction. If you guess correctly, you will win, but if you guess wrong, she will be pushed off the ring. Although this is a fun game, it does require some such little techniques.


  • Money increases with spending

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout v1.0.4 APK + MOD (Money)

SIZE : 50M

GURGE : Arcade

– 1.0.4 – MOD

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