Evil Nun 2 v1.1.3 MOD APK (Dumb Bot) Download for Android

Horror games always bring surprise and fear to people. They will begin to explore a darkly designed scene. So, once getting started with the game, it’s hard not to get nervous. You will be curious and eager to experience what the mystery is hidden behind the game’s elements. If you are looking for a horror game for long-term entertainment, then Evil Nun 2: Stealth Scary Escape Game Adventure is the right game for this.


Evil Nun 2 v1.1.3 MOD APK (Dumb Bot) Download for Android

Evil Nun 2: Stealth Scary Escape Game Adventure gives you a graphic with a sense of horror. You will feel a shiver when you start to experience this game. For a horror game, the game situation will be one factor for players to immerse in the game entirely. Gradually you will feel attracted to the magical world that this game creates.

The graphics of the game are designed in detail, from characters to objects, so that you can observe them. It is also a horror puzzle game; creating an easy-to-observe environment is a must for the convenience of finding and interacting with surrounding objects. The oldness of widgets will also make you question where you are.

Evil Nun 2 v1.1.3 MOD APK (Dumb Bot) Download for Android

You will control the character with the first perspective. You will be able to clearly see your surroundings and see clearly in front of you. But this is also a factor that makes you shiver and thrill. You will face scary scenes and characters from the game, so this angle will make you feel like you deserve to meet them. From there, it can be said that you have become a character in this game.


The image of nun has always been an image of kindness and love for children, and monasteries are sacred places. But in Evil Nun 2: Stealth Scary Escape Game Adventure, it’s the exact opposite. The game gives players the whereabouts of a nun named Madeline, and this is a mysterious character that you will always be wary of when facing.

Evil Nun 2 v1.1.3 MOD APK (Dumb Bot) Download for Android

Specifically, she possesses a dark past that you will gradually discover. It is also the factor anyone will set when playing this game. Who is Madeline? What are you doing here? And why did the fear emanating from her? All is answered in the process of you discovering and trying to get rid of this terrifying woman.

Also, another factor that you will question is the animals she has raised. They are chickens but have equally frightening elements. They are all larger than regular chickens and give the player the feeling of being monsters in another dimension. The one chicken you’ll notice the most, for example, is the one with a mouth on its stomach. It is also the factor you will want to know when playing this game.


Evil Nun 2 v1.1.3 MOD APK (Dumb Bot) Download for Android

You will gradually explore the story and answer your difficulties as you seek to escape from this monstrous woman. You will control the character and interact with whatever is around you. Then you will link them together and learn how to achieve your goals. Therefore, you will have to spend a lot of time and mobilize a lot of judgment.

This way of playing will cause difficulties for players at the beginning of the game. You will not know what your goal is and will feel awkward while playing. But this won’t make your favorites drop. You can start interacting with what’s around to get used to the game mechanics and then slowly get out of where you are.


Evil Nun 2 v1.1.3 MOD APK (Dumb Bot) Download for Android

In the process of solving the puzzle, you will undoubtedly encounter many difficulties with this woman. She and her animals will make you feel nervous when you play. It seems that during the game, you will always feel anxious when facing this nun. But you need to be calm so you can find the things you need, and she will act as a factor in your fear.

This game tends to resemble the game named Granny closely. The character you fear the most will always be moving with the animals she has raised. You will have to act carefully and see what she is doing to find her purpose silently. Therefore, the game creates an opportunity for players to become a genuine actor while looking for a way to escape but still does not draw attention to the other scary woman.



  • Free purchase to disable ads;
  • After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu, where you can enable dumb bots (they cannot kill you).


  • Stupid Bot

Evil Nun 2 v1.1.3 MOD APK (Dumb Bot) Download for Android

SIZE : 180M

GURGE : Adventure

– 1.1.3 – MOD V1

– 1.1.3 – MOD V2

– 1.1.3 – Original

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