Empires & Puzzles v41.0.2 MOD APK (God Mode)

Empires & Puzzles will simulate in detail the battles of humans and demons; you need to try to fight and defeat the enemy to get the glory.

The match-three experience becomes enjoyable and is reimagined as the battle between humans and demons in Empires & Puzzles. Players will join powerful forces with different colors and attack enemies to win. In addition, there are many factors for you to be interested in, such as building a kingdom or overcoming the game’s challenges. So a challenging journey is waiting for you ahead.

Empires & Puzzles v41.0.2 MOD APK (God Mode) Empires & Puzzles v41.0.2 MOD APK (God Mode)


Players will have a completely interesting role inside Empires & Puzzles, leading their army with other heroes to attack the enemies of humanity. So you will enter a world with mystical entities like goblins or dragons. The graphics of this game are entirely beautifully designed that players will feel comfortable and immersed in the world it brings. At the same time, players will rediscover a straightforward and familiar way of playing.

Appearing next to those impressive graphics is the game screen of the match-three game that is entirely familiar to many people. Players will see the character they control along with the enemies that appear above the screen. At the same time, there will be a screen with match-three elements of different colors in between the two character lines corresponding to the heroes present in the match. These elements are the shields and also the force that attacks the enemies in this game.

Empires & Puzzles v41.0.2 MOD APK (God Mode) Empires & Puzzles v41.0.2 MOD APK (God Mode)


Your job is straightforward and easy to understand, which is to take advantage of the match steps in Empires & Puzzles to deal a certain amount of damage to the enemy. In other words, you will try to match as much as possible to get valuable functions to optimize your attack. In addition, the forces that appear behind the shield will also bring a certain amount of energy to the heroes you own.

The heroes you use in battle will have different colors and correspond to the field’s shields. Every time you match three or more elements, the shields will attack the enemy and restore a certain amount of mana to the heroes. At the same time, this is a significant factor when you will be able to unleash the heroes’ skills on the game screen. So make moves that are entirely accurate and impressive.

Shields will have a specific association with each hero, and you will have a strategy to take advantage of this mechanism to its full advantage. At the same time, each turn will be counted by completing a match or match combos that are completely over and then the enemy’s attack. Therefore, creating functional elements like Dragon shield or Shard is necessary. They will help make consecutive attacks on enemies and subtract a lot of their health.


Besides the completely impressive matches, you also have another task when experiencing Empires & Puzzles: to build kingdoms and fight enemies. Specifically, you will see the squares that you can build buildings on, and each building will have a different function. For example, training camps will help ordinary soldiers become heroes, and houses will increase the number of heroes you can get.

Empires & Puzzles v41.0.2 MOD APK (God Mode) Empires & Puzzles v41.0.2 MOD APK (God Mode)

You can choose from many ways to get heroes with entirely different characteristics and belong to one of five colors. Besides the above summoning method, you also can’t ignore the gacha mechanism to summon the heroes you want. In this game, there are many different banners for you to spend a lot of resources on and get the corresponding heroes. At the same time, each banner will bring you different types of heroes.


Hero colors and energy are closely linked to the shields you can match in Empires & Puzzles. So, when you fill-up the character’s skill bar, you can perform these skills at will. Using abilities should not be a factor in your turn because most players will use skills before matching an element. At the same time, you can also use many skills in one turn to attack enemies if given the opportunity simultaneously.

As mentioned above, each character has a color, and it is not only to distinguish between heroes, but it also represents the characteristics of each color. Specifically, the three colors, green, red, and blue, will affect each other in a circle, and it is the same with the case of purple and yellow. So, you will find a team with 5 distinct colors to fight diverse enemies on the level. Do not forget to increase the strength of these heroes so that they lead you to victory.


  • God Mode


  • If the game shows an error when logging in, just press “Cancel”;
  • Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps.

Empires & Puzzles v41.0.2 MOD APK (God Mode)


GURGE : Logic

– 41.0.2 – MOD

– 41.0.1 – MOD

– 41.0.2 – Original

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