Elroi: Defense War v1.16.11 MOD APK (Free Summoning)

Elroi: Defense War gives you a 2D graphic where players can see direct combat from two opposing lines. Simultaneously, the images are taken care of entirely carefully, which any player will love. Also, the scene and environment in the game are fascinating; although it does not affect the game screen, it also brings many new experiences when you can travel to many different lands.

Elroi: Defense War v1.16.11 MOD APK (Free Summoning)

The game will own many different levels of play that players will gradually experience over time. At the same time, as mentioned above, it is also an opportunity for players to travel to new lands where they will be able to see each screen’s views. Also, they will face many enemies with different shapes. Indeed, they are warriors with varying elements of fantasy and completely satisfy the players’ entertainment needs.


Elroi: Defense War has completely accessible but equally challenging gameplay for players. A game screen will have two sides, and the player’s side will be on the left side of the screen. The two sides will confront each other, and warriors from both sides will gradually appear to destroy the enemy. If anyone can defeat the opponent’s building or boss, they will win the game screen. So you will try to kill the enemy boss, but it is not completely simple.

Elroi: Defense War v1.16.11 MOD APK (Free Summoning)

Specifically, players will try to summon the warriors they receive during the game. It can ultimately increase overtime during the game experience. When calling these warriors, they will automatically attack without you having too much control. It would help if you focused on summoning more and have a mighty squad to fight the enemy. But the game’s strategy isn’t just that.

Elroi: Defense War v1.16.11 MOD APK (Free Summoning)

The game has a resource mechanism that can be consumed every time you summon each character. Depending on the building’s level, this warrior’s number will increase and give you access to many different types of surfaces. Specifically, the number of resources you use can grow with the number of upgrades and also consume a certain amount of resources. Depending on the situation, you will have different options, and you will need to consider carefully through different situations.

Elroi: Defense War v1.16.11 MOD APK (Free Summoning)


Elroi: Defense War gives you wholly understandable but completely impressive gameplay because of the challenge it can bring. Players will participate in challenging battles with many enemies with different strengths. Therefore, having new warriors join the squad is absolutely a prerequisite for anyone to pay attention. Each character has its cost and ability value.

Simultaneously, one of the things that you cannot ignore in playing is the support of the main building, which will summon characters against the enemy. It was not quite a building that stood still and was attacked. It will have a certain amount of HP and an ability attached to it. Players can experience many different types of skills, and they have a cooldown entirely. One weakness of this type of skill is the long wait time.

Elroi: Defense War v1.16.11 MOD APK (Free Summoning)

Besides finding strength, creating a solid fortress is always something anyone can think of. Over time, the size of these buildings will inevitably be increased entirely, and at the same time, the number of HP will also increase. That allows you to withstand powerful attacks from the enemy fully and prolong the time to summon new characters. Surely you will completely love this game.


Elroi: Defense War revolves around a strategy game and character summoning that any player can experience because of the fun it can bring. Each character needs to consume a certain amount of resources, and these resources can increase over time. Simultaneously, players will collect many characters with different stats and increase the size of the fortress they own. For sure, you will love the tough battles.


1. No Limit to Summoning
2. Summoning not be Consumed

Elroi: Defense War v1.16.11 MOD APK (Free Summoning)

SIZE : 188M

GURGE : Strategy

– 1.16.11 – MOD

– 1.16.10 – MOD

– 1.16.09 – MOD

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