Eiyu Senki v1.5.12 MOD APK (High HP/Weak Enemy) Download

Eiyu Senki is a platform fighting game for the glory of the world. This is an entirely new game appearing on the market today, but not so that the application becomes not appeal and low quality. Our system has received a lot of positive feedback and reviews about the quality and features that this game brings through the experience version of the app. Because of this factor, the game has received several players and a vast number of downloads. This is a game describing the battles of heroes from all over the world to gain supreme powers and conquer the world. It is the game’s content and a plot that make this game closer to people worldwide.

Eiyu Senki v1.5.12 MOD APK (High HP/Weak Enemy) Download


Perhaps, the game Eiyu Senki’s story is one of the decisive factors that make this game as successful as the present time. Although it only appeared on the market is not a too long time, but the influence and attraction that this game brings are considerable. This success is due to the story that this game does. After being dragged out of the sea, besides being sold, lured, and deceived everywhere, she had to be swept up in the water of fate. It was all these factors that caused the girl to lose her memory.

But fortunately, she realized she was the king of a mighty far east country. She began to gather all breeds of heroes from many different countries. From there, start the journey to unravel dangerous conspiracies that threaten to engulf the world. This cute girl will go on a journey of world domination with her army. Whether this girl’s quest will be as successful as her wish, or will it be defeated by the dark forces waiting ahead. Everything is waiting for the girl in the front, walking on the same path from which to win. This is one of the most innovative and unique content that very few games on the market can have. So it’s easy to understand when this game receives the attention and satisfaction of the player. Join the game experience to discover other unique and exciting things that this game offers

Eiyu Senki v1.5.12 MOD APK (High HP/Weak Enemy) Download


Eiyu Senki Will bring players incredibly epic adventures. In the journey of the title, players will experience many different challenges and missions. Therefore, this game’s features are critical factors that help you overcome all challenges easily. This is a highly high-conquering simulation role-playing game. All combat modes available during this time will be automated. Besides, there will be 3-speed levels to make this process simpler and more accessible than ever.

Our application development team will provide players with various strategies, each with unique features, and the ultimate goal is to help players overcome the challenges of the easy way. All characters in this game will be perfectly balanced by the characteristics and features that the system supports. Each character has their own skills and strengths, the task of each player is to exploit all the character’s skills and strengths to say they can best play their games. battle. Our system will also set up many brave skills to let your character destroy enemies with the most unique styles and strategies.

Eiyu Senki v1.5.12 MOD APK (High HP/Weak Enemy) Download


Eiyu Senki game is one of the platforms that give others many outstanding advantages. These advantages will be supported by the most convenient way for players to experience the game. You will be involved in numerous commanding missions but brigades to explore the battle map. Take command of your brigade to participate in combat battles with enemies according to the player’s tactics.

When you download the full version to your computer, our system will provide players with a lot of different heroes. Each hero in this game will bring something wholly new that this game brings. Please proceed to fully raise the affection level of the hero you have chosen so that players can easily unlock different items and skills. Start your journey to conquer the world through an army of cute girls.

Eiyu Senki v1.5.12 MOD APK (High HP/Weak Enemy) Download


The Eiyu Senki game received a lot of treason Positive feedback and reviews from most players who joined this experience and explore this platform. This is one of the great motivations for the game’s creative team to work effectively and create the most interesting features and features for everyone. With entertainment and relaxation purposes at the forefront, our game is gradually evolving and becoming one of the most popular gaming platforms today.


1. Menu
2. High HP // activate before enter Stage
3. Enemy 1 HP // Activate before Battle

Modded by DESLOKAT

Eiyu Senki v1.5.12 MOD APK (High HP/Weak Enemy) Download

SIZE : 80M


– 1.5.12 – MOD

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