Earthquake Network Pro v11.11.1 (Paid)

Earthquake Network Pro is an application that brings many benefits to users. It is a pretty popular name because of the many outstanding features that this application brings. The most comprehensive app for earthquake warnings and forecasts helps users prepare and measures to avoid incidents caused by earthquakes. Earthquakes are hazardous to humans, so this application allows forecast and deals with problems related to them.


In recent years, earthquakes have caused significant damage to people and property. Therefore, the purpose of the publisher when creating Earthquake Network Pro is to serve users’ needs. Countries prone to earthquakes have a great need for accurate forecasting of natural disasters. That is also the main function of this amazing application.

Earthquake Network Pro v11.11.1 (Paid) Earthquake Network Pro v11.11.1 (Paid)

If you are wondering about choosing an application with useful features, this is a name worth experiencing. With the constant upgrading and improvement, the application has updated a lot of countries. Most countries in the world can use this application. Just using a smart device can get an earthquake forecast. From there, users will have prevention as well as reasonable measures to solve.


Perhaps this is a disaster warning application, so all the operations given are elementary. It must be easy for all users to understand how the application works. First, when joining Earthquake Network Pro, users will be guided by the system. The instructions will be displayed on the screen to make it easy for the user to understand.

The first is to log in and fill in the information. The information here is the land the user is in. Regardless of the area, the application will update the situation quickly and accurately. Next are the parameters displayed on the screen. All are updated data about the earthquake situation in the location where the user is. The application will use different colors to represent different information. The figures are updated hourly and are very accurate. Help users know the situation of the area they are in.

Earthquake Network Pro v11.11.1 (Paid) Earthquake Network Pro v11.11.1 (Paid)


Thanks to the accelerometer sensor on smart devices, the publisher has created Earthquake Network Pro. With fast and accurate earthquake prediction for users to quickly take reasonable measures. According to research, earthquake waves will travel from 5-10km / h, so the application can warn about damaging waves and earthquake levels. If the earthquake is mild, there are other ways to handle it. On the contrary, if the earthquake is strong, the user needs to move to avoid danger.

Thanks to this application, in the event of an earthquake, users will be able to communicate with each other. You can chat through the application to update the earthquake situation with family and friends. At the same time, the application also updates the exact location of the earthquake and the corresponding level. This is very useful for the user to be able to avoid unfortunate accidents.

Use Earthquake Network Pro to get help from agencies during an earthquake. Users will have a thorough preparation before scary earthquakes.


Earthquake Network Pro v11.11.1 (Paid)


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