Dungeon Inc v1.12.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download for Android

In fantasy games, there is always a place that players loved the most, which are the darkest dungeons, filled with forgotten treasures, as well as many powerful monsters on every floor. But there are a few games where players can manage entire dungeons, design them, and use traps to deal with adventurers. One such game is Dungeon, Inc developed in idle clicker style to provide players with a lot of entertainment. In that game, players will build, design, and create countless challenges with attractive rewards to entice adventurers. Moreover, players can walk around, explore dungeons, participate in many activities, and battle with adventurers.

Dungeon Inc v1.12.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download for Android Dungeon Inc v1.12.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download for Android


In idle games, the most important thing is passive income, and they come in many different forms for players to explore and enjoy. The same goes for “Dungeon, Inc,” because the primary source of income for the player is from the dungeons, which continuously regenerate gold for the player. The dungeon is divided into many levels and different types, so the level of income will be varied. Beginning of the game, players can tap continuously to generate gold, then start to upgrade and automatize the dungeons. In the future, the player’s dungeon could be developed endlessly, as well as making the revenue rate improve and reach new heights.


Monsters are crucial in dungeons, as they are powerful, diverse, and aggressive as the dungeon gets deeper. In this game, the player can summon a thousand types of monsters and place them on many different floors. However, monsters cannot be upgraded, but the player can upgrade each dungeon floor to increase the monsters’ strength. It can be said that thanks to the dungeon upgrade feature, players will save a large amount of money from monster upgrades. However, when summoning monsters, their powers will be varied based on the package that the player chooses

Dungeon Inc v1.12.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download for Android Dungeon Inc v1.12.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download for Android


Dungeon, Inc will have hundreds of different relics for players to collect and upgrade. Relics will come in different shapes and effects, and their properties can be customized. Once a relic placed on any floor, its effects will be permanently activated and applied to all monsters in the same dungeon. Furthermore, the player can create new, more reliable, and more valuable relics compared to other relics. By merging two identical relics, the player will have a unique, more powerful, and versatile relic.


Every Idle game will always introduce a massive and infinite upgrade system, where players can upgrade everything with money. That feature will also be applied in this game, and even more complicated for players to have more experience with the game. Through the upgrade system, the dungeons will have a faster and abundant income regeneration rate, even become independent when reaching the required upgrade levels. All dungeons can be infinitely upgraded, but their power will always be inferior to the deeper levels. When players upgrade their dungeons to a certain level, they can unlock a new, more powerful, more expensive floor, and have a higher upgrade cost compared to the previous ones. However, the game not only applies to dungeons, but the player can also upgrade relics and make monsters stronger.

Dungeon Inc v1.12.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download for Android Dungeon Inc v1.12.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download for Android


With the appearance of employees, the player’s management will be greatly reduced. The employees are high-level monsters, knowledgeable, and varied in appearance, effects, and strength. Because of that, they can become the monitors of each dungeon, and help the player manage the entire dungeon. After being placed in a dungeon that matches their characteristics, they will automatize the whole floor, make continuously generate income, as well as multiply the coefficient of income for players. Employees can also be upgraded if the player collects the required number of cards, improving their performance, as well as providing many benefits.

Monster, Inc. also has a variety of things for players to explore, like combat systems, items, gameplay, and features. And most of all, it is developed in idle style, so the player’s dungeon will continue to work non-stop whether the player is away or inactive. If you want to experience the feeling of becoming a manager of dungeons, full of dangers, as well as countless treasures, then come to this game and become an Overlord and manage your dungeon with your styles.


Dungeon Inc v1.12.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download for Android

SIZE : 83M

GURGE : Simulation

– 1.12.0 – MOD

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