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Dungeon Corporation v3.76 MOD APK (Free Upgrade/God Mode)

Taking on the role of a hero in a company run by demons to destroy demons, you will have a fascinating experience at Dungeon Corporation. Right from the game’s plot, there was a novelty that attracted many players to participate in the experience. It is this game that is crowded with players all over the place. Play the game, find out what challenges it has, and you’ll have a great time playing.

Dungeon Corporation v3.76 MOD APK (Free Upgrade/God Mode) Dungeon Corporation v3.76 MOD APK (Free Upgrade/God Mode)


You will be an employee in a company run by satanic demons, barbarians, weird monsters, but it is worth mentioning that you have to destroy your own bosses. As the hero character, you must accompany your sword every time you come to the company where you will fight the demons to increase your strength. Facing monsters full of ferocity and formidable power, you have to overcome 100 challenges to open new levels. The challenges will gradually increase the difficulty, so this will train you to master skills in battle. Defeat demons, bosses with your ability and combat skills.


After each time you win, you will get back items. With diverse equipment in the process of defeating different monsters and they have different attribute characteristics. You will be given the daily quests that need to be completed displayed on the screen of Dungeon Corporation. It also shows you information like in what pocket you have collected, levels, and dungeons fighting. You need to research your opponent’s information to equip yourself with the most suitable weapons. Reasonably distributing energy so you can increase your strength as well as stamina.

Dungeon Corporation v3.76 MOD APK (Free Upgrade/God Mode) Dungeon Corporation v3.76 MOD APK (Free Upgrade/God Mode)


In Dungeon Corporation also provides players with many different game modes such as training field, boss challenge, ranked dungeon, monster arena, etc., giving players many choices when participating in the game. This helps you feel interested in different game modes, avoiding the boredom of playing the game.

The game also has a variety of cards such as skin cards, pet cards, power cards. Each card you own will have benefits, such as a skin card that allows you to exchange a new character with the attributes you want, a pet card that helps you increase useful attributes to suit each enemy.


With the eye-catching pixel game, Dungeon Corporation is chosen by many people, accompanied by a vivid sound effect that will give players a real experience when playing the game. And you will not waste money when buying items because the equipment in the game is provided completely free; you just need to complete the quest to get what you want. The game also supports players when they do not have time to fight; with the feature to automatically challenge when players are offline, you will not need to worry about falling behind other players.

Fight well for higher promotions after each challenge. With a hands-free role-playing game, Dungeon Corporation is the game you should experience when you want to have fun. The easy-to-play gameplay with its entertainment will be the attraction for you right from the first play.


1. God Mode // Monster Does No Damage (Doesn’t Work In PvP)
2. Monster Self Destruct // Self Explanatory
3. Infinite Flying Chest // Enable Before Shows Up And Will Forever Stay
4. Free Inventory Upgrade // Self Explanatory

NOTE: Cheat tools like Luckypatcher, GameGuardian or similar needs to be removed from your device, otherwise it will detect it.

Modded by Axey

Dungeon Corporation v3.76 MOD APK (Free Upgrade/God Mode)

SIZE : 138M

GURGE : Role Playing

– 3.63 – MOD

– 3.76 – Original

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