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Dubsmash v6.5.0 MOD APK (Remove Watermark)

Dubsmash allows users to create the most engaging videos themselves with a fresh and creative environment. You can share off-platform videos for Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram

Video, everyone can make their own with mobile devices. So, more and more simple trends dominate the market. Currently, people support vibes released on short video platforms like Tiktok, … Under the influence of that movement, vibe-generating applications are increasingly demanding. Dubsmash is one that is making a big splash thanks to its trendy vibe. It focuses on the exploitation of material on films and television shows. You can make unique lip sync videos with unique resources, rarely available anywhere.

Dubsmash v6.5.0 MOD APK (Remove Watermark)

Make Vibes With Perfect Video Maker

Compared to other apps, Dubsmash is also perfected. It gives users a very agile and modern experience. Your first impression of video is definitely unique in design. You just need to place your finger in exactly one place on the screen to operate everything in basic settings. When you download the application to your phone, players will be given a choice for their language that they can understand. Then, just press “start now” to access the trending repository, which stores the sounds that are most popular. You just need to choose one and listen to see if you are satisfied or not? If you have already selected it, just press “create a dub” to finish the preparation.

Dubsmash v6.5.0 MOD APK (Remove Watermark)

Actions you need to do to create a vibe

After you have selected a satisfying sound, you can instantly record yourself a lip sync video. First of all, you have to listen and memorize the sound. If you are not part of the audio segment, you will have difficulty creating a video where lip moves are not working properly with the sound being played. You can also choose a speed for the sound to slow down a bit so you can easily lip-sync without fear of deviation. Don’t worry, after you save it, the system will adjust the speed automatically again. The video you receive will be the same speed as the original, without any mistakes.

Dubsmash v6.5.0 MOD APK (Remove Watermark)

Once you’ve captured yourself a video, you can add a few more things to make it more animated. If you want to add some text in your image that’s fine. Just click on the icon Aa and you can do it. In addition, users can customize it to suit the intention of making a video. Besides, please add cute stickers to express yourself as well.

Many hot songs, quotes from movies,…

With the trending category, users can instantly see what people from all over the world are doing with their videos. Here, you will be choosing the hottest sounds. These could be snippets of chart-topping hits. There are all popular songs from all countries and genres. US-UK, Kpop, Cpop songs, … Just being noticed by many people, they are recommended here.

Dubsmash v6.5.0 MOD APK (Remove Watermark)

If you can’t find something that suits your taste, then continue digging deeper into the sound repository of “Dubsmash”. The audio clips from movies, TV series, viral videos are all cut out and ready to use. In general, you have to be patient enough to find them in a chaotic heap of thousands of sounds added to the data vault. They are stored here in large numbers so users have to search carefully. Sometimes a unique vibe and a new sound quote will make a trend.

Dubsmash v6.5.0 MOD APK (Remove Watermark)

Share everything on social networking sites

The last step you need to do with Dubsmash is to share your video on social media. If you just host the video and watch it by yourself, that’s fine. It’s your own property. But if you want to turn it into a trend or get a lot of positive comments from everyone, you must share everything widely. Popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram are definitely the ideal destination. Or, you can also upload it to Tiktok. In addition, the app itself is already a social network. Your Vibe can be a source of inspiration for so many others.

Dubsmash v6.5.0 MOD APK (Remove Watermark)

Users just need to click on the icons of the social networking sites they use to link to them. The next time you just need to share, the linked pages will automatically upload the video. Additionally, in case you don’t want to share it with anyone, users can also download the video and keep it in their personal library. All are allowed to operate at all, no difficulty.

Extract high-quality video can be used in many places

Dubsmash supports extraction with the highest resolution that your device can do. That means the better these videos are shot with a phone camera, the better it will produce high-quality products. With mid-range devices equipped with 5MP or higher cameras, it is possible to create HQ quality videos. Want full HD, you need flagship smartphones with good cameras and the best image reproduction technologies available today. Overall, this app will give you the best it can do with the original video.


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Dubsmash v6.5.0 MOD APK (Remove Watermark)

SIZE : 16M

GURGE : Social, Video Players & Editors

– 6.4.2 – MOD

– 6.2.1 – MOD

– 6.1.0 – MOD

– 6.5.0 – Original

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