Dragon Quest II v1.0.7 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download

If we talk about the “Dragon Quest” series, then indeed, we do not doubt the quality of this series. It soon became one of the legendary game lines of the JRPG game genre, and a lot of people have acknowledged that. Since the first release, it has become a global craze and has attracted a lot of players to the game. That success has motivated the game’s creative team to continue releasing the second part of the game so that players can experience the game. Since the second part of the game was released, with the success of the first part, Dragon Quest II does not need too much time to be successful. If you had not had the chance to experience the game when it was released or still want to experience it again, I would bring good news to you. This game has been remade by Square Enix to launch on mobile platforms. Players can download the game now to experience the best that the game has to offer to the player.

Dragon Quest II v1.0.7 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download


The game is set 100 years after the events taking place in the first part for players to continue the experience. The game was starting with the image of the witch Hargon trying to attack Moonbrooke Castle to destroy this place. She tried to summon the demon Malroth to use its power and destroy the world. In this attack, all the people here were dead, but there was one lucky person who survived to bring this news to the Kingdom of Midenhall. After the king learned the information, he ordered Prince Erdrick to lead his army to destroy the witch Hargon. But things are not that simple; it is not easy to defeat the witch Hargon. Players will have to go through many challenges to be able to achieve their requirements.

Dragon Quest II v1.0.7 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download

Difficult journey

When coming to the game, the player will have to go through a challenging journey to complete the final mission of the game. The player’s journey will be played in the order of each assignment that takes place in the game so that the player can easily learn the game. There are many different tasks that players can perform, and the NPCs will assign you in the in-game maps. Players will have to go through many different lands to perform a multitude of tasks ranging from penetrating dungeons to destroying bosses. You must complete all of those tasks to receive powerful items and defeat the witch – Hargon.

Trusted teammates

In many heroic films, heroes always have aides to assist in that dangerous journey. In this game, too, players will be brought to two assistants to be able to complete the task more easily. Those two are Prince Cannock and Princess Moonbrooke, who are close to fighting players. Players will meet them on their journey and persuade them to join their team to complete the task more easily.

Dragon Quest II v1.0.7 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download

The fighting style makes the game’s trademark

This game still retains the same gameplay as the first part of the game, if the player has ever played it will quickly get used to the game. The game is built fighting style turn-based style, a style of fighting very common in the game of the same time. When the player is moving between fields, dungeons, they will encounter monsters in the game. Players and enemies will attack each other to destroy the enemy until one of the two is killed, the other party will win. The player’s job is straightforward; it is to choose the enemy to attack and decide which skills to use. But to win the game, the player also needs a tactical element when using the skill. Players must base on each situation to use the skills properly and defeat the enemy.

Level up and become stronger

When players defeat a monster, you will receive EXP and gold, both of which play a significant role. To level up, players need to accumulate the EXP required by the game, and this will take players a lot of time, players who want to level up must fight a lot of monsters and accumulate a lot of EXP. When you level up, the stats’ will be significantly improved so that the player can fight with the bosses. In addition to leveling up, there is another way to become stronger that is to equip powerful weapons. Players will have two ways to get more; the first is to buy from the store or destroy the boss. Players can accumulate a lot of gold to purchase powerful equipment or defeat bosses to get it. The second way is the way many players often use it because this way is very effective and economical.


Dragon Quest II v1.0.7 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download

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