Download Zombie Hunter King MOD APK v1.0.43 (Unlimited Money/Crystals)

Zombie Hunter King – Zombie games have become a mass culture when it popular that almost everyone People who know the game know zombies. Even non-gamers can access it through many TV series as well as movies. So, just search the zombie on the search bar of any tool will get the results of some products. On Google Play, there are no exceptions where players only need a few simple steps to find a few good alternatives.

But Zombie Hunter King offers a completely different experience compared to the same genre. Because you’re going to enter a first-person shooter battle, but with a fixed position, not a mobile one. This seems to be quite constraining, but vice versa will help the player identify the danger and not have to be afraid that the target will come to the back. On the contrary, it makes the player faces far more dangerous.


Mobirix always brings to the game a very fierce fighting style so the player can experience a zombie disaster of its true meaning. Zombie Hunter King has no tactical element, purely fighting alone. Thanks to that, the game is loved by the player because of its simplicity, focus on shooting elements and destroying zombies.

The operating mechanism of the game is also quite simple when the player will be playing on the first view. But unlike FPS games of the same genre, Zombie Hunter King is like a shooter equipped in the supermarket game machine players can only shoot the first view but fixed position Move the machine to observe everything. The zombies will automatically move towards you and the player’s mission is to simply kill them all. But it will not be as simple as the Zombies will slowly come to destroy you. They will move extremely fast with different moving tactics designed by the manufacturer. They also have extremely unexpected juniors scare. Players will never anticipate when they will appear in front of your screen and kill the player.

Sum up

Manufacturers are not too hard on players because they also design tools to support. The Zombie Hunter King displays the number of zombies that appear in a match and the other characters’ stats appear on the screen. This will help players prepare spirit not be surprised by the attacks of the Zombie. Besides, in addition to the extremely rich guns, the player is also equipped with powerful weapons other. Grenadiers can be used to kill a number of zombies in a small area, or nuclear missiles can clear up that immediately.


Download Zombie Hunter King MOD APK v1.0.43 (Unlimited Money/Crystals)

SIZE : 70M

GURGE : Action

– 1.0.13 – MOD

– 1.0.43 – Original

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