Download Zombie Blast Crew MOD APK v2.4.1 (Unlimited Money/One Hit)

Vivid Games SA is a famous developer for owning a library of games with exciting action topics like racing, boxing, or fighting in solo. Still, in the series of action games, ZOMBIE BLASH CREW is the latest product and is expected to be released in the near future. Although it has just been launched in a number of countries, the game has caused a fever of the gaming community. The proof is that the game name has been posted on internet news sites.


As the name implies, the story is set in the survival war between humans and zombies. This has long been the inspiration of many movies, as well as games. The attack of zombies carrying in itself a deadly virus has created the terror of all humanity. Once you are bitten, you will become them in a moment, and you absolutely can harm your loved ones. Entering the world of the game, you will land in a city full of bloodthirsty zombies that try to eat the human flesh. It is a sprawling and desolate city, everything destroyed by the epidemic. And that is your city. Everyone has fled. Assistance from the police is too long to wait. While you and the other residents must live and live, zombies can walk sideways in the city. You, a lucky person who survives the great tribulation must pick up his gun and fight, reclaim his own city from the monsters.


Zombie Blast Crew is designed with simple graphic style in 2D format, but it is “Vivid Games SA” with a lot of attention on details. Every grass, every shadow, or every effect when fighting is brought to the fullest. This makes the game not only inferior to other 3D action games but also maximizes the size and configuration of the game. The color gamut is used mostly gray, to reveal the destruction of the city when destroyed by zombies, bringing a more realistic feeling to the player.


Live – also, that’s the most comprehensive description of this gameplay. After landing in the city from above, the player must participate in a mortal battle with these zombies. Meanwhile, players will have on hand melee weapons and ranged ones. Melee weapons will be swords or sticks. Meanwhile, long-range weapons will be more diverse with guns, grenades, and missiles. During the game, there will be different types of supplies to help players such as blood, antibiotics, or first aid kit. Your job is to use those weapons to fight, and most importantly, to stay alive. A bar indicating the percentage of HP will be displayed above your character. Try to keep as much blood as possible. In addition, each game screen will have different requirements and missions. Completing each mission, you will have the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards.

There are many types of zombies in the game. Each type of zombie has abilities that deserve your attention. There are those that are capable of withstanding enormous damage, there are those capable of shooting from afar, and even more terrifying, there are those with very fast attack speed. This requires you to be agile and flexible in using weapons. Change and use them flexibly and intelligently. Hide, if need. Fight, if you have a chance. All is a war of survival. Show your ability and become a hero in this war!


Zombie Blast Crew brings you many exciting levels with many different zombies, including bosses. Unexpectedly, they still have so many possibilities. However, in return, you have a flexible arsenal with a variety of supplies and support. Zombies follow their inherent instincts, and you, able to use your brain and manipulate them to work strategically. More specifically, to assist players, the target selection mode will be automatic. This has partly reduced the burden of accuracy, helping gamers focus more on the strategy and use their own skills and weapons. The view from the top of the game contributes to better control of the player around, not startled when discovering new enemies. The easy control that can help players move quickly is a plus point. Besides, the skills are also designed into buttons with clear description icons.



  • One Hit


  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds

Download Zombie Blast Crew MOD APK v2.4.1 (Unlimited Money/One Hit)

SIZE : 87M

GURGE : Action

– 2.4.1 – MOD V1

– 2.4.0 – MOD V2

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