Download Twist Hit! MOD APK v1.9.3 (Unlimited Gems/God Mode)

It is well known that trees often have many age rings in their cores. Each such round represents a year in which this tree already exists in the world. There are trees that have lived for thousands of years and see this world as a living witness to a series of historical events of humankind. So do you want to save a tree and count how many rings it has in the core? This is extremely difficult if you are an ordinary person, not a talented scientist. But with Twist Hit! everything seems too complicated. Because players will have to take part in gameplay where the rings at the core of the tree are the key to saving it, and you can also go through the screen if you can preserve an old tree.

Fill the rings to plant trees!

The gameplay of Twist Hit! is actually a popular arcade design, created and used by many game developers. Players can find it quite familiar when it is easy to find related games that have the same gameplay like this. But the special thing that SayGames brings can make players change their own view of an arcade game like this. It is not simply meaningless gameplay used to kill time, but it builds the relationship between players and trees, to save a forest that is being destroyed. Every time a player completes a level, the player will understand why “Twist Hit!” so compelling. A tree will grow up and complete its full form, making players admire admiration. The beauty of nature, through SayGames’ perspective, is a beautiful wonder. With exciting graphics when using full 3D format, but there are corners made like Origami art, everything in this game is interesting, worth exploring. The color of the game is probably not the same as it is when it uses arrays that never appear in nature to decorate their trees. But that has caused a more positive, hilarious effect that is mixed with magic.

It’s quite simple when the player controls a “paint machine” that uses “Fill the large rings to plant trees.” In front of you will be a bare tree, no life there. And the player has to use his or her machine to make the tree’s rings fill up, when you color all those rings, the tree will be alive, fresh and healthy.

Be careful to the obstacles!

But the challenge in the game is not simple when it refers to two confounding elements. First, this stump will rotate evenly in one direction at a fairly fast pace. When you touch the screen, the machine will fire a series of paint and fill around. But there is an obstacle turning with the tree, and once you hit the obstacle, it is a loss. Obstacles and rotating stumps with different angles and velocities will distract the player. Each game screen will have 3-5 trees to be rescued continuously if you die when you have not completed the number of trees in the target, it will still count as losing When the player completes a certain number of levels, he/she will receive new trees. Please persist in pursuing the game to witness all the most beautiful trees and save this forest.


  • God Mode
  • A Lot Of Crystal.
  • All Skins Unlock.
  • Ad Free Unlock.

Download Twist Hit! MOD APK v1.9.3 (Unlimited Gems/God Mode)


GURGE : Arcade

– 1.9.3 – Original

– 1.9.2 – MOD

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