Download TunnelBear VPN v3.2.3 (MOD, Premium) for Android

Today the use of the internet and the browser has become more common and popular. That has generated a lot of security and safety issues when you join the information network that covers the whole world. Nearly every time you participate in access, you will definitely leave a trace on the internet. Everything is monitored and probably will be exploited for unwarranted needs. For example, your cookie will be used to create ads that you don’t want.

It is for your own safety that Internet users need to own an application to protect them. Currently, reputable publishers often offer VPN applications that help users to protect themselves. You can quickly find out by searching on the tool you are using to download everything. If you are using Android, you can pay attention to TunnelBear VPN as a name to be trusted. If you still don’t believe it, you can check its number of downloads in Google Play, donating 10 million users to trust it. “TunnelBear VPN” is one of the applications that help users to browse the internet in a personal and safest way.

One-tap connect: App so simple, a bear could use it

This is a wholly released free application, and its capacity is only 16MB. So users can be completely comfortable with it on their device. In fact, this application will not take up too much space in your device, but it also helps users optimize the ability to surf the web. Even when you access a public wifi network, “TunnelBear VPN” will help actively remove all traces in such dangerous places. No one can violate your privacy when you are using public services. Even if you are using your network, there are dangers such as hackers, ISPs, and bots stalking. “TunnelBear VPN” does not hesitate to stop them all. With a complex mechanism of the individual encoders they have, the application will make all your data unreadable. Thanks to this, your internet use route becomes more difficult to track by bad guys. This application is one of the products that are independently audited by a 3rd party. Also on some servers, it also gives monthly promotion of 500 MB of browser data.

Once you have downloaded the application, everything is straightforward. You just need to open the app and see the address lines to enter your personal email. That process is extremely simple, so you don’t need to waste too much effort. And after logging in, you must determine your location before using it to protect you more quickly and accurately. After you’ve confirmed everything, you can just use it. When you want to use, just click on the application and “bear” will work simply. This application can work well in over 22 countries around the world. Other countries it still works but will have to go through a few more complicated validation steps.

MOD Info

Languages: en, ru
Platform: arm7 +
Deep optimized graphics
Optimized application manifest
Received PREMIUM Grizzlies: Unlimited Access
The modification is untied from Google Services
Maps are loading (drawing background)
Signature changed 


Download TunnelBear VPN v3.2.3 (MOD, Premium) for Android


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