Download TubeMate 3 APK v3.4.3 (MOD, AD-Free/Lite)

It can be said that YouTube is currently one of the most potent video social networks. Users can view daily content updated hourly. Extremely diverse content comes from many different presentation styles, making it easy for viewers to feel extremely interesting. Sometimes they will spend the whole day just enjoying the videos on YouTube. Recently, it was designed to resemble a social network so users could “endless swipe” tell the content they care about. Besides, the videos that you are watching are missing and will be saved, and your data is read carefully. So it can be said that YouTube is like a friend when he knows all your interests and Habits of watching videos to suggest things that users can say are incredibly favorable. So when you come across videos that I feel it’s worth it for me, I have an idea to download it in my device for offline viewing. In fact, YouTube also has a built-in function for you to Download the videos you like freely, but really, the speed is very low and sometimes limited to some features. Therefore, an application to optimize YouTube videos that are optimized is essential.

Download TubeMate 3 APK v3.4.3 (MOD, AD-Free/Lite)

TubeMate 3 is the third application in the series that Devian Studio released to serve this need of users. In the previous two versions, we have seen how effective it is. But actually, there are technological improvements and changes that cannot be integrated into older versions. So they decided to continue to produce a third child that allows users to download videos from YouTube to their Android device. Thanks to this application, you can now store all the videos that you most enjoy in the device’s memory. It is like an instant entertainment when you do not have a stable internet connection. Also for long videos and you can’t watch them all in your set time, but then you have to go to a place where there’s no internet connection. Downloading videos is an extremely useful option.

Download TubeMate 3 APK v3.4.3 (MOD, AD-Free/Lite)

Download videos from Youtube with any resolution

First, you want to use it, you will have to download your device. Right here We provide a free APK file and unlock all features but users can use it freely. Once you’ve downloaded the file, just open it and let it work normally. To download the video, you will have to use it through the in-app browser. When you log in to the system, it is the same as the normal YouTube application, and at this time, users can search for the video they want to download. At the bottom left of the screen will be 1 arrow icon ready and users just need to click on it to easily access the download screen. Depending on the type of video you want to store on your phone, users will have to choose resolution and video quality. About resolution, you will have the right to choose from a variety of formats. For example 1920×1080, 1280×720, 640×360, 176×144, etc. Besides, users can choose MP4, MP3, WEBM, OGG, etc. choose to be more suitable for the device’s video reader browser.

Download TubeMate 3 APK v3.4.3 (MOD, AD-Free/Lite)

Finally, you just need to agree to download it and wait for the video to be stored. A small problem here is that on the phone you will have two storage places: the phone’s internal memory or an SD memory card (if you use it). Within the application also allows you to create a path to save the video straight from the application to the SD card without needing through intermediate copying processes. This makes it easy to run any application when you want to download any video on YouTube with just a few seconds.

Download TubeMate 3 APK v3.4.3 (MOD, AD-Free/Lite)

The more remarkable feature is that it is designed with an exquisite interface, far superior to its brothers. And yet you look at its interface; it’s exactly like using a web browser. YouTube works based on its native browser, so you cannot distinguish it. But there is some additional customization you are playing. Also, if you choose to choose any video quality, it will also display the amount of storage you need to download. While using the most powerful technology, it only requires your camera system to run Android 4.0.3 platform. This is a minimum requirement, and if you use more powerful devices, it will, of course, work more efficiently.


  • Languages: EN, RU
  • Deep optimized graphics and application manifest
  • Work of analytics services is blocked, thoroughly
  • Hidden advertising inside the application
  • Cut garbage classes (crashlytics, fabric, google.measurement,,
  • The modification is untied from Google Services
  • Lite MOD 3MB
  • Remove ADS

Download TubeMate 3 APK v3.4.3 (MOD, AD-Free/Lite)

SIZE : 10M

GURGE : Tools

– 3.4.3 build 1271 – MOD

– 3.4.3 build 1269 – MOD

– 3.4.3 build 1268 – MOD

– 3.3.5 build 1245 – MOD

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