Download Trap For Winners APK v1.0.1 (Full) for Android

Games Sci-fi, in collaboration with current political factors, is no longer loved as much as it used to be. The fact is that few publishers have released it at the present time. The publisher “Prime Games Bulgaria” has a daring rash as they continue to release a product with that element. Because a while ago they were famous for a few games of the same genre, so a product that continues to follow their brothers is also understandable. Therefore, it will attract a lot of fans who have known its hand before. Trap For Winners (Text Adventure) promises to bring entertainment hours attractive enough, and new for gamers who love this genre.

The new game had just been released on Google Play last week. Immediately received the attention of many players. For nearly $ 7, this is probably a pretty expensive game for those who don’t have too many conditions to play it. If you need a free version, we can provide it right under the links. Everything will be completely open and allow players to challenge the game more quickly. If you are a fan of this genre, you definitely shouldn’t ignore it. If she was curious, maybe she had to play, she didn’t like it, and she could delete it because its size is light.

Trap For Winners (Text Adventure) will make a game in the story-telling style as the main story. The manufacturer gave it a definition of sci-fi interactive thriller, genre and gripping. Players will have to interact a lot with characters and gameplay. So its design will also be made to optimize the interaction between players and the objects that appear in the game. People can also comment that it is a slow-paced game. Players can slowly enjoy the storyline and read the lines of text to understand better the situation of the situation in which they are participating. The game is in 2D format, and comic-like images are designed in a slightly nostalgic way a bit like from the 80s. However, be assured because it works according to extremely modern mechanisms. The most basic is the story mechanism that is told based on the player’s perspective. You will have to decide a lot of things in the game yourself and take responsibility for its consequences

The story intertwines with many dramatic elements

You will play Steve Harrison, an underground agent of the Department of Foreign Civilizations. Dorya is a giant planet with the presence of aliens. In an event where these aliens fought the Earth’s army, and they lost. Earth people were sent to that planet to live and occupy there as a triumphant conqueror. Everything seems so simple and soothing but hidden behind it is always a threat.

The player will work secretly for Earth’s Occupying Corps and will have to balance everything. You must be able to collect knowledge of stone assessment information and still be able to keep superiors’ favor. In addition to skin, it is the duty to eradicate the Rebels but also to scold his conscience calmly. The things you discover can change the future of the earth.

High level of diversification

With 120 decision points and over 300 options to choose, high customization will allow you to build your own character. The situations in the game will give you the key to solving the problem, but you will be the last factor to decide what you should do. And then if the consequences can happen no matter what, you are the one who directly endures it. Write yourself a story about yourself.

Throughout the game, players will have to participate in secret campaigns to find out the source of the battle between the earth and a hostile alien race. In the process of secret service, players will have to balance themselves to be able to preserve credibility with the army and the respect of the species on the planet. Your combat speeder will be one of the most attractive tools while you engage in dangerous mini-game missions. Three levels of difficulty and six character archetypes make everything more productive. In addition, Robust checkpoint system will make players can choose many things comfortably and save their play process.

Install Guide!

  • Download Split APKs Installer (SAI) and “Trap For Winners”
  • Install Split APKs Installer, open “Trap For Winners” zip file and install


  • Download Split APKs Installer (SAI) and “Trap For Winners”
  • Install Split APKs Installer, open “Trap For Winners” zip file and install

Download Trap For Winners APK v1.0.1 (Full) for Android


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