Download Townsmen Premium APK v1.14.5 (MOD, Many Crowns)

Townsmen Premium – Do you always dream that you will be allowed to Operating and building a city? For the current era, construction simulation games have become too familiar to many players. It is possible to find famous products used on many different games like Sim City, Little Big City, Hay Day, … The medieval city construction simulation products are also quite a lot. The Townsmen has been an exciting product for you; it will bring players from cramped and lowly countries to the capital of powerful medieval kingdoms. As long as the player has the patience and pursuit of his dream to the end, he will surely succeed.

Best selling simulation strategy game

This is an extremely successful product of the publisher of Handy Games. It is almost like this publisher’s most successful game on Google Play with more than 10 million downloads since its launch to the present. Also, if you use its premium version, you will definitely receive more compensation. At only about $ 0.9, you can buy attractive unlockers from the manufacturer. Moreover, if you are uncomfortable with the ad, this premium version also removes it from the screen. This is a promotion time so you can buy it at such a cheap price, taking 80% off sale.

Medieval city-builder

First, enter the game, you will be provided with a tiny and simple village. Of course, everything starts hard, so you have to maintain and pursue your dream to the end to turn The little land is less of a medieval empire with a thriving economy. The villagers will become happy to live in a rich and prosperous life. Everyone, the most talented miners are looking for gold mines. In addition, you work hard to harvest crops to earn a stable amount of money as well as tax collection of the people. We think that they bring in tiny but regular and quick amounts.

In addition, you must use your economic potential to serve the needs of entertainment and beauty: construction of trade schools, pubs full of men to entertain after a day of work, as well as markets for homemakers. Besides, players also have to arrange the streets scientifically and beautify your city by erecting majestic statues, beautiful flower gardens, and monuments of those who are grateful.

Return to medieval times, dominate the army and win glory

The bandits will vigorously destroy your village so players will have to build for themselves barracks, watchtowers and recruit the bravest warriors of the kingdom to protect their own lands and properties. Players will rule in total to create from the most significant elements such as castles and trade with friends to the smallest elements such as collecting two taxes that make people happy, ensuring them a happy life. The game simulates a complex economy, diverse scenarios, and medieval context. Unlimited sandbox mode, you can spend many hours to experience it without feeling bored.


Download Townsmen Premium APK v1.14.5 (MOD, Many Crowns)


GURGE : Strategy

– 1.14.5 – MOD

– 1.14.3 – MOD

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