Download THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations APK + OBB v0.1.4 (Full)

The summer has not been out yet? It is actually one of the greatest sufferings of human life. This is the perfect time for resting after a long time of hard work. The weather is hot, only adventuring to the beaches really makes people feel comfortable. But if you still don’t have any free time to go to the beach, why not open your smartphone and adventure a bit. THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations is the best choice for this summer. Although it just debuted in the past week, it has been rated 3.5 / 5 stars to review Google Play. Actually, this game will definitely create a prominent phenomenon in the near future. Another feature is that there is no ad in this game. Play comfortable games.

Bring me my bag and adventure in a magical adventure

Actually, this is a worthy family game to play at the present time. You can invite your bored children on a Sunday they can’t go out. Or if you are a child who is bored, playing with your parents for a bit is fine. It is one of the first products at the present time that you can play under the mechanism of the Hasbro board game. In other words, “THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations” is also Hasbro’s first digital-only spin-off. So, even if you are an older person or a child, you can get acquainted and play it well in just 1 minute.

Diverse content – easy to understand

Game players will be adventurous to Volcano Island, where things do not happen normally like what you imagine. Players will participate in the races Discover the horrifying lava streams and even exotic beaches. Then if you have free time, stop by the long white sand beaches, use your imagination and create sand sculptures, sometimes go diving, and also experience all the pleasures Here together with your friends and family. But don’t underestimate the opponent when they move extremely fast, too, never delay in your miraculous trip.

Memories of the journeys are invaluable

Your adventure to the volcanic island is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful memories you can meet on a mobile game. So fill out your scrapbook with lots of beautiful photos. In addition, during the adventures, you will collect a lot of souvenirs. Attach them to the scrapbook to keep it a perfect collection. The more memories you keep, the easier it is to receive your rewards, the higher the value. Go around so many different routes around the island to easily complete this collection.

Diverse character system – colorful and fun design

THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations is basically a simple family game. So, it doesn’t take too much importance and design so that everything is close to reality. As long as it’s images, it makes players feel interesting. So you will see a system of extremely diverse and funny characters. The adventurous backpacker, the surfer family, the traveling sisters, and many more! There are many characters to choose from. They will become your peg. These characters will accompany you during a game. Until it ends, she can choose that person again.

Once you start the roll, these characters will run around the island. Each of them will move by different means. A bike, sports car, motorcycle or bus are all things that make gameplay fun and exciting.

Basic play style

In general, it is quite easy for you to learn. When entering the game, the player will touch a spin. Above that, there will be many different values ​​arranged messy and random. If you go into any value, it will have to go up in accordance with what is shown in that blank. Of course, when you travel around the island, there will be extremely funny and unexpected things happening in every step you take.
Multiple and attractive game modes
– Multiplayer: Offline and play, no WIFI required !!
– Offline Single-Player
– Private Online Multiplayer: Invite friends to play a safe private game.
– Online Multiplayer: play vs 4 others online.


Download THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations APK + OBB v0.1.4 (Full)

SIZE : 74M

GURGE : Action



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