Download SpellForce: Heroes & Magic APK + OBB v1.2.5 for Android

The trend of turning PC games into mobile has become one of the most powerful flows of the present era. We can catch mobile versions of all the famous games that I want to play. SpellForce: Heroes & Magic is one of the successes of this year when it conveyed a famous strategy game on PC to the mobile operating system. Before everything was fixed, the game would have smooth coordination between role-playing and tactics. So “SpellForce: Heroes & Magic” will still follow this path. But there will still be new changes for players to have time to learn.

Time for a new turn on the critically acclaimed SpellForce-Series

SpellForce: Heroes & Magic in this version will not have anything to do with the old plot. Everything about the content is brand-new, making the player have plenty of space to experience. People who have played through the PC version are not bored, but those who have not played any time are not too bad. The mythical world is still the same, but only the characters are new and challenging and much more enjoyable.

The most significant change in gameplay is probably your fighting process. In the PC version, you will be free to fight according to the tactics you have given before. But with “SpellForce: Heroes & Magic,” the gameplay will be modified in turn-based fashion. In fact, it doesn’t limit players too much in any framework. The player is still fighting and still showing his dominance but doing so will be easier for players on mobile devices and also highlighting the game’s tactical elements.

Expand, Explore, Exploit and Exterminate

As well as the role-playing game, SpellForce: Heroes & Magic requires you to choose a legendary race to fight and serve the noble purpose of the species. Dark Elf, Orc or Human are the three chosen powers and also the most potent representatives on Earth at this time. Players must consider carefully because each race will have different fighting styles, leading to different types of teams. Parallel to the ways of team arrangement, the support spells are also significant, each species will have its own spells characteristic. In general, these factors can turn the battle situation around.

With the main timeline, players will be guided by a story designed like a true episodic novel. Players will have to go through 13 major tasks and in which there will be many small turns for you to conquer and develop yourself. The map of each battle will be randomly generated to create the necessary surprises for the player. But its structure will still follow what is already in the famous Heroes of Might and Magic III. Your soldiers will move on hexagonal cells to reach the opponent and attack them. The improvement of this map structure will make the game variables much more complicated and unpredictable. Smart moves, opponents cannot guess your intentions; they will inevitably be attacked but can’t be helped.

Players will have to try their best to control their army to fight in all the places where you can set foot. The opponents who come to beat you must evict them, but you will also become an invader if you don’t want to be crushed by large forces. Neutral goals must also take over (although they do not harm you at all) to capture the number of resources they hold.


Download SpellForce: Heroes & Magic APK + OBB v1.2.5 for Android

SIZE : 310MB

GURGE : Strategy


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