Download Special Ops MOD APK v3.14 (Free Shopping) for Android

Game shooting in general and FPS games in particular always bring the games that make players feel attractive, competitive, and professional. Even when there were so many games of the same genre released and supported by many people, it was never an old topic. Many publishers still continue to exploit this content, and their products are always popular as usual. Besides products that are only released seasonally, it means that what they publish is simply to eat a certain amount of hot content. These games will usually die immediately when the content is no longer trending. However, there are some products that continue to exist and prove its appeal. Thanks to the constant change of publisher. Special Ops is one such product as it continuously receives updates and makes players happy. For example, the latest version, the publisher has reduced the number of ads by 30% to make players get the best experience for their game.

Fight critical battles & strike enemies

Special Ops uses an extremely familiar type of graphics and visual design of the current Shooting games. It does not make the player a bit of a surprise, but also makes the player get the familiar feeling when participating in games of the same genre. The characters in the game are all designed with a sharp appearance that clearly shows their faction. This is very useful when it makes it easy for players to recognize teammates and react as quickly as possible when confronting an enemy.

The architectural works seem to get a lot of ideas from the game Half-Life. However, there is a particular point that you need to pay attention to is that its color is much brighter. The atmosphere in the game creates a feeling of comfort rather than full of oppression, like games of the same genre. But don’t, for this reason, think that the game lacks the appeal. Bright colors and precise design are just a way to increase visibility for players, enabling them to react more quickly in battles that were too fierce from the beginning. Besides, the scoring system and the display controller on the screen are also minimal, making the player not lose too much concentration, nor does it occupy a lot of space on the phone screen. All the convenience of user interaction design makes this game a little more superior than its brothers.

Online Shooter, Multiplayer PVP, Single Player FPS

If you like Online Shooter, Multiplayer PVP, Single Player FPS and to be a sniper, then this game is a smart choice. Players can freely use the resources they are provided to participate in battles against terrorists. The actions once started are like things never stop until time runs out. A match will have a short time of regulation, making the game’s pace to be pushed up very high from the beginning. A battle will take place within 3 to 5 minutes, and the defeat points will be shown right next to the time meter. When the time is over, the team that has the most defeating points will surely win. The rules are simple, but it has many different requirements to form strategies. The game will offer eight different maps and players will have to rely on it to find out the way to deploy tactics.

Special Ops also provides you with a variety of different game modes to create regular fun. The first is Ranked Games Mode that allows you to engage in battle battles against different players. This is the mode most played by players and also to identify their level. When you win, you will get promoted on the rankings and get a lot more coins. This makes it so attractive and appealing to so many players. Custom Game Mode is more straightforward when it is a game without a clear purpose, it is your own match to invite friends in and play for fun. Finally, Single Player mode allows players to participate in events created by the system. When you fight here, you will have to deal with different monsters.



 1. One Hit Kill on/off
2. Free Gold and Chash on/off
 3. 100% upgrade chanceon/off
 4. DMG multiplier -/+
 5. God Mod is already activated!


1. Unlimited Money

Modded by Braz-Mods

Download Special Ops MOD APK v3.14 (Free Shopping) for Android

SIZE : 115M

GURGE : Action

– 1.96 – MOD V1

– 3.14 – MOD V2

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