Download Slaughter 3: The Rebels APK + OBB v1.48 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Throughout the evolution of the gaming industry, shooting games have not been too strange for players. Shooting games with a new genre is storming on the market like PUBG, Fortnite. Classic shooting games seem to have some strange attraction to players. And if you are looking for a simple shooting game, then come to Slaughter 3: The Rebels. This is part 3 of the “Slaughter” game series, both of the previous two have achieved great successes globally. Continuing to that, the manufacturer has now released part 3 of the game.

The game was released by Ray Spark, a famous game maker with many shooting games. The game has just launched in 2019 but has received many great compliments from experts and especially is from players. Do you want to experience the feeling of cold blood when participating in an intense and nervous hunt? Download this “Slaughter 3: The Rebels” to be able to enjoy what a real shooting game offers. Moreover, the thrill of this game will make you feel excited.


In the third game of this series, we will come to the protagonist, mercenary Russell. After escaping the city run by the dictator in part 1, he was given a new task. Which is to find the largest prison in the world holds thousands of dangerous criminals. All the criminals here are crazy people, arsonists; there’s nothing they didn’t do. Caged behind bars, unable to feel the freedom to commit crimes any more, they became increasingly mad and angry. One day, when the anger reached its peak, they decided to escape from prison together. All the guards and the police who were tasked to watch the criminals were massacred by them, so no one could survive their raid. They won’t stop there. They will spread everywhere and kill everyone who stands in their way. You will have to use your skills to be able to finish them all and stop the conspiracy this time.


Slaughter 3: The Rebels has straightforward gameplay that you just pick up the gun and go hunting to kill the enemies. Still following its tradition, this game is played with a third-person perspective. You can move through different areas and use your marksmanship skills to destroy enemies. The game has an entirely free movement by controlling the scroll button in the left corner of the screen. To shoot enemies, there will be a shot button in the right corner of the screen. With free movement, players can attack or dodge as you like. There is even an ability to both move and shoot at the same time, to be able to repel the enemy’s attack. And even more, players also have the ability to both steps and shoot at the same time in order to repel the invasion of the enemy.


Slaughter 3: The Rebels is a real shooting game, so the game also has unique features that a shooting game should have.

Weapon Storage

The game offers a vast array of weapons with a variety of types and functions, from assault rifles to heavy machine guns. Players can arbitrarily choose for themselves a weapon to fight these crazy prisoners.


In this battle, you will not have to participate alone but will have the help of teammates. They are mercenaries just like you and went with you to this prison. These people will work side by side with you in this challenging mission.


In the game, you will be assigned many different tasks, not only hunting fleeing prisoners but also rescuing hostages captured by them.


The game has a pretty eye-catching graphics. Built with a beautiful 3D graphics background for mobile, every detail in the game is designed extremely eye-catching and meticulous. Thanks to this graphical way that players can feel the liveliness to every detail. Set in a dark and gloomy prison, accompanied by a dark night sky, players will feel heart-pounding thrill under the pursuit and sudden appearance of the savage prisoners in the game.


The game also has smooth motion effects, compatible with even older devices. The sound in the game is made extremely meticulously, the sounds of bullets, explosions … All match the effect correctly, creating a real feeling for the player. What are you waiting for? Let’s download Slaughter 3: The Rebels right away to give yourself a great experience that the game brings, immersed in the truth and gloom of the game.

MOD Info?

  • Shopping increases the amount;
  • Immortal;
  • Infinite ammo
  • Lots of grenades.


Download Slaughter 3: The Rebels APK + OBB v1.48 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

SIZE : 569M

GURGE : Action


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