Download Seven Sirens APK + MOD v1.8.0 (God Mode) for Android

Siren is the name that ancient Greeks used to call mermaids, and these creatures have the power to attract sailors to kill them. The story tells of the sailors’ encounters on the sea that many people began to fear and weave horror stories. However, later on, when science has developed, and people have more knowledge about Oceanography, horror stories and become exciting topics for people to exploit. All kinds of entertainment from love stories to action and horror games are present for these legendary creatures. “Seven Sirens” mainly uses characters and lines of reference that are perfectly blended to create an emotional story worth exploring.

THREE unique Story ending for all characters

In Seven Sirens, the player will play the role of a male character and is suddenly caught in a mysterious portal. In that place, your character will experience things of previous lives that you and your soulmate could have led. The story of this game is designed to be complicated and intertwined to give players different branches, many different cases. Depending on who you choose to become someone, situations will turn around and bring turning points of life that cannot be predicted. From RARP High Schoolers, Consorts of Space Pirate Queens to Feudal Japan, everything is available in one game.

Seven Sirens will be a place where players are allowed to hear compelling stories, eat, and experience situations that they have never known. Throughout that journey, there are always companions to help you and also a factor to make the story attractive. Just as the name described before Sirens will be close friends.

Don’t hesitate! Conquer the Siren world!

When just entering this world, players will have to learn, read the plot to know what situation they are falling into. And then there will be a hot female character accompanying you to continue on the journey of adventure. They will give a lot of useful advice and sometimes there will be enemies too. This is a gentle emotional game, so it will not be too serious about the feud between the main character and the enemy. Often when you defeat a siren, they fall in love with you and become a trusted ally. It can be said that this is great because the more you have, the more power you will gain, and they will give you different choices.

Although the title is “Seven Sirens” but the number of female characters you can collect into your lineup is much more diverse. Not to mention that if you capture their love, there will be some hot things. Content that you always crave is exceptionally diverse, so don’t worry about trying to avoid something. The fighting mechanism of this game is quite simple when it is just a puzzle game with familiar match-3 gameplay. However, while you are arranging gems, there will be combat interaction. When you have a combo attack, the effect will be generated, and the match will end only when someone is defeated.


Download Seven Sirens APK + MOD v1.8.0 (God Mode) for Android

SIZE : 54.1MB

GURGE : Puzzle


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